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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Matthyro, Feb 27, 2001.

  1. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    This is being posted here because there isn't a forum to cover all scales of model railroading for a common discussion.
    NARA is now exposed to all model railroads regardless of scale and whether prototypical or free lance.
    Catt and I wish to get a consensus of what members want on a few issues. I know this is being discussed at the free lance forum but before we go any further, please give us your vote on the following:
    T shirt yes or no
    Sweat shirt yes or no
    logo on front upper left yes or no or different.
    N.A.R.A. on back upper center yes or no or different.
    Cap yes or no
    Logo to use:
    Same as the NARA button yes or no
    Any other logo specify
    Any other items? specify
    Once again our thanks to Ed for taking the time to design our button logo and others and to offer the ordering ability for NARA products. Catt and I feel members should help by giving us direction so we can tell Ed which direction to go.
    In addition I offered to put the scale in the members list. This has been discussed some but ask you here Yes or no
    Thanks for your support and help to make NARA more fun for us all.
    Robin Matthysen NARA member #2
  2. EM-1

    EM-1 New Member

    For the NARA club I have to say YES to all of the above i'm in 3 online model railroader clubs and 2 thats in my hometown. And a addition to the CAP=YES, Maybe with one of 2 caps with the B&O "Capitol Dome" emblem on it ????

    B&O's Finest....
    "As EM-1 #7600 emerges from the east portal of Sand Patch Tunnel, it splits the signal at SA tower to head on its way into Meyersdale, PA headed for Connelsville, PA and then onto Pittsburgh. As the rear of the train clears the east porat of Sand Patch the 2 S-1a's uncouple to make their way back down this tramendous grade to Hynman, PA to be ready for the next battle up the B&O "Sand Patch Grade" ~John.
  3. EM-1

    EM-1 New Member

    Or even a builders emblem of the "EM-1" and road number???? Ok guys i'll go away [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. wt&c

    wt&c Guest

    just like EM-1, Ye to all of the above [​IMG]

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