Nakajima's Epson sponsored NSX 1:24 scale

Discussion in 'Commercial & Civilian Vehicles' started by rickstef, Apr 26, 2004.

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    Very nice ! Thanks for posting, Rick. Right up my alley.

    I took some time off from card modeling, worked on a few painting projects, such as a 40mm flat of Alexander the Great. My batteries are recharged now and I'm back to paper. I want to finish the Wien (pre-dreadnought battleship) before getting sidetracked on any cars again though. :wink:
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    Thanks Rick,

    Maybe try a car? Ya'll giving me way to many things to do!
    Overload! Overload!
    What, I have a family? I wondered who those short people
    running into my knees were!

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    Hi all,

    I am working on the chassis of the NSX, and I noticed that there are two numbers in the wrong place.

    Numbers 30 and 32 are switched on the build diagram or parts sheets.

    I am going with the numbers being in the wrong place on the build diagram.

    So far everything fits fine, working out nicely

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    Well, I just wanted to let everyone know, I have made that step.

    I have edge colored parts of the kit, I know, long time coming, and about time too.

    The pieces are the rear axle box and bottom with the 4 splitters/diffusers, I also colored the main chassis part , and the front axle box.

    I will be posting pictures only at the end when the kit is done, this way i won't have the pressure of you guys pushing me for more photos.

    the pit box and the racebabes will be built too.

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    You say pushing you for photos like it's a bad thing. :D


    Currently taking photos of Oregon build...
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    Glen, and your point......? :mrgreen:
  9. tino

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    Its a long download, isn't?
  10. rickstef

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    nope not at all, you just have to download each file individually

  11. rickstef

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    ok, second time i have had to reprint parts, god i love paper models :mrgreen:

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    It looks that the offerings are expanding,

    a fueling rig, spare tires(wet and dry), pit wall, and the team tent

    Usual place for them.

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    Hi Rick

    Thanks for the links on this.

    Downloaded the whole thing and going to try it with photo paper to see what happens.

    And yes we love the old photo :roll: :lol:

    Thanks again


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    Even more stuff,

    The Drivers, Team Boss, and some tanks, although I am getting errors on the tanks, not sure what happened on their end

    Visit the site at the link in my sig

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    Well, the tanks are now fully downloadable

    this will make one nice display when done

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    more crew members were released

    get it where? addy in my sig
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    Hi all,

    After a long wait
    Epson Nakajima released the trailer for the race team

    Cool thing is, you can either keep the sides off, or glue them in place

    can't wait to see the tractor unit.

    4 pages of instructions
    24 pages of parts.

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    Hi all,

    the Epson Nakajima website has released two new models. (also check out their new layout)

    They are a simplified version, and a more detailed/more parts version.
    simple version

    More detailed version

    This version/paint scheme raced at the California Speedway on December 18 and 19, 2004 during the GT Live event held there.
    If you want to have more info about GT Live and the JCGT Championship, check out
    In America, Speed Channel shows the event a couple times this month, there might be more airings.

    Hope you enjoy

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