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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by hearseman, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. hearseman

    hearseman New Member

    Hi Folks!
    Just joined the Group and testing my new account. I´m from Sweden and I just sold all my SP H0 stuff to build a new one in N/Z scale. The train room just got too small for H0. I´m planning to do the new one in both N and Z gauge. More depth that way I hope. Anyone who has tried to build N/Z transition??? Any stuff about this weird stuff on the web???

    I got these book about trackplans, 48 Top-notch trackplans by Model Railroader. On page 46 there is a propose for a trckplan. The one I have in mind is not like this one at all. It´s gonna be a dogbone N-scale layout with a Z-scale track in the background, running up in "the mountains". The thing is to keep at least 9" distance between N and Z. The room is 12 ft long and 8 ft wide.

  2. pontiacsforever

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    Great Idea!

    Hi, welcome to the Gauge! :wave:

    I think this is a great idea, combining both N and Z together in a layout, so long as you have enough depth to work with. Putting smaller scale buildings, scenery and even track in the background is what is called forced perspective and makes the layout look larger than it physically is.

    If you do go this route, be sure to post some photos of your progress.

    Good luck, hopefully someone else on the Gauge that has tried this can give you some tips. I can just give you encouragement to try it. :thumb:
  3. hearseman

    hearseman New Member

    Nice Pontiac! Is it a 55 or a 56???

    I will keep you posted of the progress of my layout. At the moment its just a mess... I just blew out all my H0 stuff and now there is just empty tables and junk all over the floor. I bought some Z-track and I´m expecting 2 N-scale locos and some other N-scale stuff by the end of next week.

    At the Z-track I´m thinking of a Märklin F-7 SP Daylight + 6 daylight cars.+ A black widow freight train.

    The bad thing with Z is the lack of U.S automobiles from the 1950-70`s. The plan is that the N-scale should be a town, a couple of factories, trailerpark and a yard. The Z trains will run in the outback desert. Maybe a small deserted station and a mine. I will try to keep it simple, but it´s not so easy...
  4. pontiacsforever

    pontiacsforever New Member

    It's a 1956, Canadian-built model (essentially a Chevy just with the Pontiac body panels and trim). I also own a 1966 Pontiac, again built in Canada.

    But back to trains. Even in N-scale I find it hard sometimes to find decent automobiles - the selection is more limited and quality is not as good as with HO. And trying to keep anything simple on a model railroad is difficult. I always want to pack so much detail into a scene. I think having the Z-scale track run through a sparse desert will help in not requiring details that are hard to find in Z.

    The main thing is to have fun!
  5. 3railguy

    3railguy Member

    Internet trains advertises some good Z scale stuff. Micro Trains makes good Z scale rolling stock and track along with F7 diesels and a GP-35 that are more correct to American prototype than Marklin in my opinion. N scale Architect manufactures Z scale structures and semi semi trucks.

    This is a link to their site:
  6. Dominique

    Dominique New Member

    Very interresting idea! Myself as a Z-scaler, I also recommand Micro-Trains stuff that is to my eyes more prototypical (and cheaper) than Marklin's.

    About vehicles, Micronart (http://www.micronart.com) releases very interresting vehicles, including a very nice semi-trailer truck.

  7. hearseman

    hearseman New Member

    Thanks for good advices. I checked out the Micron Art page. What a Station house they´ve got!!!! I know about Microtrains. seems to be a good alternative to Märklin.

    I went to a M.R show in Trollhättan, Sweden today. It was a very small show but I found myself 5 pcs of N-scale Atlas cars, a big box of Märklin Z track, a roundhouse and turntable in N-scale + a fuel depot. The big thing over here is to build Swedish M.R in H0-scale, so there was not much U.S stuff.

    I don´t know but for me it´s like an escape from reality with these trains. I´m intersted and feel comfortable in the U.S, so I build U.S. The same thing goes with Germany. Nice country, beautyful scenery -so I build it, crack open a DAB or a Löwenbräu and just relaxing.

    I got the Swedish scenery just outside of my window and I´m more intrested in the Swedish Trains in scale 1:1, seeing a T43 diesel pushing its way with 20 tank cars in a big puff of smoke. The scenery outside is dark with a hint of snow and rain. That kind of weather that makes you wish you were somewhere in Arizona....:thumb:
  8. emccamey

    emccamey New Member

    N and Z

    Of course you could actually interchange and construct some dual gage stuff in a short area and allow that the Z gage track is actually Nn3 for the close in visuals and become actual Z gage further away. It's only the equipment that would change. If so be sure to allow for clearance on the Nn3 portion that’s necessary on the sides and top - mid way between the clearances for N and Z would be acceptable. The transition would then be even more gradual!

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