N&W GP30 High Hood queston!

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  1. hello everyone, i have a Proto 2k GP30 i would like to convert into a N&W High Hood GP30. does anyone know what the part # for the cannon high hood would be? i have looked on the cannon site, but im not sure which one it is. any help is appreciated. thanks!:wave:
  2. NYC-BKO

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    Cannon part #1101 is what you have to use but it needs a little modification, as the GP-30's were a little different. Check out page 3 of the Sunday Photo Fun on the Atlas forum, there is one shown being built there, maybe you can get some tips from that person.
  3. thanks Brian, ill give it a look.:thumb:
  4. hey Brian, i looked and i cant find that article on the high hood GP30, can you direct me to it? thanks!:wave:
  5. NYC-BKO

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    It's not an article, it's just a photo of the project in this weeks SundayPhotoFun, it's posted by Jasona.
  6. pdt

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    Here's what you need:


    It's not illustrated, but this article covers what you're trying to do. Not as straightforward as other high hood conversions, but it could be worse...

    Oh, and check out Andy Harman's site, too:


    There are a couple photos of GP30s toward the bottom of the page. Click on them to see several photos with descriptions of how the job was done.
  7. thanks pdt, those links are great, now i have the part numbers and the pics, im ready to go to town! thanks!:wave:
  8. pdt

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    If you ever need any help on NS, N&W or Southern models, let me know. If I can't answer your question, I can get it to those who can.

    Truth be told, I've always wanted to do one of those GP30 high hoods, but it's so far behind all the others I want to do I won't get to it for years. But I figured if I ever did, at least I knew where to look.

    Anyway, I'm glad to help.
  9. thanks pdt, i appreciate the help and offer. the GP30 im gonna use is one of the EMD Demo model from LL, its one of the proto 2000 ones. i still need to strip the shell, you ever stripped a proto shell? is so, what did you use? thanks again and ill keep you posted as to the progress. thanks again!:wave:
  10. pdt

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    Haven't done a P2K shell yet, but everyone says 91% isopropyl alcohol. I've used it on Athearn Genesis units with great success in the past, so that's what I'll be trying on the next P2K geep I pick up if it's not already undecorated.

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