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  1. davidmbedard

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    This is a paint job I did for my brother. UNFORTUNATELY he is in to G scale.

    Here is a before and after picture. The first one I painted 6 years ago.

    And this one I finished today

    Note the removal of the horns (with a 3 chime horn going in when I find one) and the change of location of the number boards. Ive never had to fill in such big holes before. Thank god for putty.


    The strips on the nose and back were made by cutting masking tape to 4.5 mm strips and laying them on. The front was easy, but the back was a different story


    On the back of the loco, I made the silly mistake of first painting with black, then masking, then painting with White, then drybrushing with black. I have 3 more of these locos to paint for my brother, 2 A's and a B, so I will hopefully learn from my mistakes.

    The time needed for this paint job/detail work was 9 hours. But I think it looks good

    I painted with Testors Flat red spray paint. I just didnt have access to a car airbrush.

    If you have any ideas or helpful thoughts, let me know. As well I have an SD40-2 and a GP-9 comming to be painted. Thank God that the dry-tranfer sets have the proper stripes for these. No masking.!

  2. Greg Elems

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    Be sure to show all of them when you are finished. I think you did a good job the second time around. Instead of masking tape, there are a couple of other tapes I've used in painting O gauge. One was the 3M tape that you can write on. It cuts very clean and easy on a piece of glass. Then it peels off and still has enough tacked to stick to the model and burnish down nice and snug. It also peels off very nice with a sharp angle that seems to reduce the lifting of paint. The other tape I used was drafting tape, not as sticky as masking tape. I have been told that painters tape, used in fine lines on custom paint jobs on cars can yield good results. Either way, you have done an excellent job with the masking tape. I suppose it would be redundant to give the light paint first and dark paint last rule. That is a generality anyway.

    Greg Elems

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