N Scale Weekend one week away.

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by MCL_RDG, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. MCL_RDG

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    Anyone here going.

    I am. I couldn't go last year, too busy. After hearing what a blast it was tho, I made plans for this one. It's in western PA and after checking I found the hotels are pretty cheap out there. My wife also tells me (after searching the web for a couple of hours) that we'll also be driving the old Lincoln Highway in those parts and we'll need lots of film (megabytes).:D She insists we stay an extra day to soak it up. I love a woman who likes dilapidated buildings and old highways.

    I can't wait (especially for the pig roast).

    So, are ya going?


    Oh yeah- here's a trains .com link.
  2. MCL_RDG

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    I just found this-

    Okay, ready?

    Let me say it again- "N-Scale Weekend"!

    Okay, here it is!!!!


    N-Scale Weekendhamr

  3. inkaneer

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    I will definitely be there. I attended last years but not as a participant. We got shut out as we had to take a vote on it and by the time we had the business meeting and voted the slots were filled. So we voted to make this years meet. Mike Phillips and the Bedford guys are great fellas , very cordial and in case anyone wants to make it an extended stay there are several RR attractions not very far away like Horseshoe Curve, Altoona, The old B&O Allegheny crossing at Sandpatch, Cumberland, MD and the Western Maryland Scenic, East Broad Top RR . One could almost OD on Railroad stuff with this one, if that were ever possible.
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    n scale

    Where is it held?:oops:
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  6. biker_ray_pa

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    I'm going out Friday morning and planning a trip up to Altoona in the afternoon, if anyone else is around just look for a blue-and-silver motorcycle with a PRR sticker on the windshield :D


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