N scale VS. HO????

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by ozzy, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. ozzy

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    wow, i like it for a 4x8, but then to do that ill have to take down my 4 x 8 HO, may do that anyway tho.

    is all the places where the track cross each other elavated? or just cross each other?
  2. wickman

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    yep you certianly would get a large RR in a 4x8 for N scale ( just think what You could get if it were Z scale ) hmm just a thought . You must keep in mind that if your planning on doing any scratch building or even kits for structures I can't see the detail being there compared to HO scale then again compared to O scale as well. But it depends I guess whether you plan on having more scenery than structures. Now rather than a 4x8 how bout an around the wall? I started with a 5x9 then it grew legs and ended up being a big U shape walk around and I got tired of walking around sign1 trying to work on it so I went to an extra deep around the wall now I got best of both worlds.:wave: The ultimate would be O scale in a great big room. Well just my thoughts.
  3. trainman4

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    N scale

    I hope you have good eyes and a steady hand.I started out with Nscale even though i had a stroke and lost the use of my left hand i still manage.Believe it or not i even got into Z scale just for the holidays.I took over the back bedroom when my daughter went out on her own.My trains are up 24/7.just one word of caution don't buy any Bachamnn engines that are used they might be ok new but i wouldn't give you a plug nickel for a used one.I learned the hard way.Good luck on your adventure no mater which way you go.sign1
  4. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    Naw, the layout kleeps me poor. sign1
  5. It's more difficult to build structures in N scale from kits because of the size, but then again, it's easier to hide mistakes in N-scale and harder to find them.

    There is a lot of more selection of structures in HO scale at your local shop, but online seems to make up the difference. I went with N because of space, but someday I'll do a 4x8 HO scale.
  6. brakie

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    The thing about N Scale is:
    1.You'll need to buy quality engines and cars like Atlas,Kato,Athearn,Red Caboose etc.
    Why? Like HO you'll get what you pay for.
    2.N Scale equipment isn't as forgiving as their HO counterparts making good track work a must.
    3.Like HO you will need to convert 98% of your engines and cars to MT couplers and coupler/trucks.One can body mount couplers on their cars.
    4.Like HO the larger the curve the better for best operation.
    5.N Scale locomotives,cars etc isn't all that hard to work on just smaller.
    6.Considering DCC? It might be to your advantage to buy DCC equipped locos.
    COMMENT: Like HO you can find good deals by shopping around at the better Internet hobby shops.BTW..Some of these on line prices will beat E-bay prices.
    COMMENT:There are a lot of myths and urban legends about N Scale that isn't true as you will discover should you chose to switch to N Scale.
  7. wickman

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    One thing thats nice now a days is most locos will come dcc ready :wave: Personally I wouldn't go out of my way to buy them dcc equipped good decoders are very inexpensive :wave:
  8. brakie

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    Lynn,I was referring to the Atlas line of Lentz decoder equipped locomotives.:thumb:
    Also,by buying decoder equipped engines it saves you the hassle of having to grind the frame to make room for the decoder or sending yours off along with $10.00 for a pre-ground frame.I am aware that some of the Atlas engines come DCC ready but,the majority isn't.
  9. wickman

    wickman Member

    Yes Larry those were the decoders I was also thinking of I have a bunch that need to be plugged into my steamers and was told they were very good. I didn't realize they actually came installed already in many of the engines.:oops:
  10. These guys have given you both sides of the equation.I agree with Brakie...the trackwork on N must be exceptional.I cannot even get an n setup to go around a small circular layout on a perfectly flat surface without derailing!!!sign1 I think your Idea of keeping your HO and starting small(To see if it works for you) is probably the best idea.If you tear up your current layout and the N does not suit you,you may be very disapointed.You may also want to consider incorporating the smaller trains into your HO as in a theme park or train museum.there are many ways to mix the different sized trains to make them work together
  11. brakie

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    If I am not mistaken there is only 2 or 3 that doesn't come DCC equipped or ready is the RS1,RS3 and I believe the RSD4/5.
    Some of the NEWER releases come either DCC ready or DCC equipped.
  12. Hoghead

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    It is an Atlas track plan so it is published in one of their layout booklets.
    I did find one up for bids on E-Bay with some decent pictures. The layout incoporates the Atlas Stone Viaduct kit. The layout is suppose to represent the Starrucca Valley area of North Eastern Pennsylvania.

    I hope the link is correct, too many letters and numbers:rolleyes:

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    C'mon "N"...

    ...the water's fine!


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