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    I am getting back into my N Scale stuff after over a year of no layout. I model in N and O Scale. In my new home (moved in a year ago) I have constructed and am still working on a roughly 17.5’ x 18’ O Gauge layout (it is fully operational now, all track work complete and some scenery started).

    I have a lot of N Scale equipment I want to start using as well! The O stuff is great in it’s detail, operation, and sounds! But the N will offer me the longer trains, more scenery in a given area, etc… I want the best of both worlds!

    With all of that said, I am going to build an around the room (mainly shelf) N Scale layout at about a 63” track height. This will put it about 18” above the perimeter of the O Gauge Layout (where I have plenty of access openings in the O layout to access the N Scale layout to operate it).

    Some Points I am looking to accomplish with the N Scale layout are:
    - I do like to watch a train just run, so continuous running is a must
    - I do not want to deal too much with grades, so I am leaving all level
    - I do want to be able to do some switching, yard work, etc
    - I want to model a town area
    - I want plenty of industrial sidings.
    - I will be running DCC on the Layout

    I am attaching some shots of the layout I have designed for review and critiquing. The track work is mainly going to be Kato Unitrack after reading many good things about it with some Atlas Code 80 Flex (where there is nothing to meet the curve in Unitrack) and #4’s for one siding and yard area. I have many Atlas C80 pieces from my last layout (including many turnouts) that I will use to try to keep initial costs down. These may one day be replaced with Unitrack. All Kato Turnouts will be #6 and Crossovers. In the pictures of the layout design the Atlas sections are in blue, all other is Kato.

    In all pictures the Grid is 1’ x 1’ . I designed the layout using RR Track Software.

    1st Picture is the entire Layout. I made a copy of the staging area and just pasted it in the center area to show it. The staging area will utilize Atlas C80 #6 turnouts.


    2nd Picture is the lower right area of the layout where one of the rturn loops is. In this area, I plan on putting the town and some industrial areas at the sidings. Also, this is the area that the staging tracks feed into the layout. I am figuring that I can either back trains back into the staging area or on the other side of the layout is a reversing area and I will be able to just turn the trains to go head-in to the staging area. All sidings are serviced by a branch line that connects to the main just after the staging connects (via Double Crossover) in the lower left area.


    3rd picture is the upper right area of the layout. In this shot, there are more industrial sidings, the Arrival/Departure track for the yard (entered into via the double cross over), and the ends of the stub ended yard. There is another branch line that services the sidings at the top and right side of this shot. This branch line is also entered into via a double crossover. To the left of the cross over is a passing siding/storage track area.


    The 4th picture is the upper left area of the layout. Here is the yard ladder, yard lead, an engine service/storage area, and the passing siding at the top entered into with another double crossover (trailed by a spur). The track curves around here to proceed to the other return loop (will be in next picture). The double crossover by the stub end spur and bridge on the left will provide me with a reversing area. I plan on insulating all of the connections at the bottom of this turn out for the reverse area and will use a Digitrax Reverse controller.


    The 5th picture is the other return loop. This loop will be insulated and powered through a Digitrax reversing controller. In this area, I plan on concealing track in the back of the layout in a tunnel and doing a mountain/residential scene eventually.


    I welcome all input and recommendations on this design.



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