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  1. csxkerry

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    what is a realistic lenght for a train on a n scale layout that is 12ft. by 15ft. with around 50ft. of actual main line track?
  2. mummert

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    I think it mostly depends how your layout is designed and personal preference. If you have a couple small towns close together I would say you would want a smaller train so that the train isnt entering one town while the back of the train is still leaving the other town. On the other hand if you are modeling the country side with industries spread out further then a larger train would probably look good. My layout has two mains and the larger of the two is about 26 feet long. I think an engine with eight to ten cars looks best on mine. Anymore than that and the front of the train is exiting one end of the mountain while the back end is still going in and just take away the effect of my train entering a large mountain. My thoughts your choices.
  3. csxengineer

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    train length

    I think your layout is great, and I think you should post some pics and a track plan. The locals you run, are probably the perfect size. I think your next move would be weathering the rolling stock, and taking some of the rolling stock off the layout until it is needed. Remember that on our line, we can pass an industry or siding that is empty for days. (Kent). Not all business on line have a non stop loads in - empty out traffic flow. Also, since your trackwork is reliable, try shoving some locals caboose first like the goodman locals, rather than trailing point only moves for variety. Do you have any csx/chessie cabooses, I can't remember.

    But it was cool seeing the big coal trains too.

  4. csxkerry

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    Hey DJ, thanks for the compliment.You know me,lots of track,locomotives,and rolling stock,bigger is better,to much is just right.Good idea on the Goodman locals.I do have 2 caboozes,a CSX & a Conrail.My question on length is if I get to build a layout in the upstairs bedroom.My wife is thinking about us using the downstairs bedroom.
  5. Mountain Man

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    Depends on yur era, as well. Late 1800's to early 1900's your train is going to be five units long: engine+tender, 3 passenger cars/boxcars or gondolas with loads and a caboose. In some parts of the Rockies, that alone required a second engine.

    Later periods and industrial lines run a lot longer in modern times.

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