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    I'm coming up with some rough ideas of this 3' x 12' section of the new layout. I'm not going to get too involved, until I finish the ceiling and walls in this freezing cold garage. I have scratch built two rolling mills (or whatever they are used for), from pics I took of the Edgar Thomson steel mill in Braddock, Pa. Track plan will be a simple main line going around the mill tracks. Main will be CSX, mill tracks will be Union Railroad. I really enjoy scratchbuilding and weathering right now.

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  2. csxengineer

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    more pics

    long way to go..

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  3. DrGeologist

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    Nice work on the BF’s, they really look great. Do you have any plans to integrate the BF high line into you existing track plan? I ask because I’ve ordered two BF’s myself and I’m continuously looking at how I’ll handle this also.
  4. Ralph

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    That's already shaping up to be a terrific scene. You can't go wrong with that big steel industry!
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    no highline

    Actually I'm only going to use one blast furnace. The rusted falling apart one is for a abandoned/demolished representation of Carrie furnace in Rankin, Pa. As for the high line, you cant see it from the main in real life, so I wont need it on layout, even though I scratch built a 2 ft long one from plastruct.

    Work is slowing down as the garage is freaking cold!!

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