N scale power line poles

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by eve_9d9, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. eve_9d9

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    Im going to put power lines up on my layout, but Im having trouble finding info on sizes, and distance from track lines etc.......anyone know how tall a phone pole, or power pole is? and how far from the tracks they should be?
  2. Kevinkrey

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    Model railroader just put out an article on this. Actually it was a two part series, one part talked all about distances for items from the track. I need to dig through all of my MR magizines, even though it was a recent article, I have no order.:mrgreen: Give me some time to look, in the meantime, anybody else care to try and help?
  3. 60103

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    eve_9d9: do you mean the telegraph lines that used to run alongside every rail line? I don't know about distance, but the height always seemed pretty low -- just high enough that the kids can't jump up and grab.
    If you travel across the prairies, you can watch the lines running dead flat forever, except that every time there's a road across the railway, the line rises up to clear the car traffic.
  4. Mountain Man

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    Here in Colorado those "stubbies" are meant to lessen the blowing snow load on the poles. Taller poles tend to blow down in our typical blizzards.

    Easier to repair weithout a cherry-picker, too.

    Besides,. it makes it easier to watch owls and hawks - they have to perch closer to the ground!

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