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    Trying to come up with trackplan

    I'm thinking of having the Edgar Thomson works as the main yard and hub of activity. I might do a single mainline, a continious loop around the mill, and 3 yard tracks that can hold 10 gons each. The loop would be a staging track. Scrap gons go to left for BOF. While coke & ore go to right for high line. westbound locals will go to retrieve loads of scrap from Bell, Keystone, and eastbound locals will go to Bluestone, and portview scrap. A commuter train will pick up passengers from Station square, and drop off at mill.

    Birds eye view!

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    Real nice job , as always. Sounds like it will be a great addition!

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    Major design changes & scenes

    Okay, been a while. Room is 90% finished. blue walls, dimmer switches with blue lighting for night scenes, etc. Now it will be 2 layouts in 1. Chessie and Union railroad circa 1987. Pittsburgh scene goes in center, with a southside/braddock mix module, and since I needed a staging area, I built the Union car shops in the narrow area behind pittsburgh. Pics (lousy camera) show chessie heading west through braddock / southside. Other shows the 100% scratchbuilt car shops. Next module will be the west side of Edgar Thomson Mill, (time & money permitting).

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