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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by drewhosick, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. drewhosick

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    After figuring a few things out in the Atlas Track Cad software I finally think I settled on a layout(4'x8'). It's nothing much to start off but as I looked at other layouts that were more complex, I saw the price just rise up and up. It was getting to the point that the cost would have been too much. Since this is a temporary layout for a few months and no scenery will be going in(only track and possibly the padding underneath(ballast I believe)) it will probably do fine. If I want to add anything more, I can always put in a couple more switches and have an elevated track or something like that.

    I do welcome any small suggestions if you have them or small additions. I had thought of adding a small branch line leading to what would be an industry but I'm not sure if I want to do that right now. Here's the picture anyways:

    One other thing, As you can see, I put a yard(or something like a yard) in the middle there. I had thought of putting it closer to the bottom where access will be but I thought it would be nicer if when the train is actually moving along the main line, it can pass closer to me.

    As I said, any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.
  2. drewhosick

    drewhosick New Member

    That didn't take long. I decided I'd have more fun with some yard work if I put in an extra section to the yard.

  3. Looks like you're off to a good start.

    But, N scale on a 4X8 table can offer many more options, so plenty of room left to use for other things.
    For example; maybe a double track main line.
    Keep us updated on your progress.
  4. shortliner

    shortliner Member

    One worth looking at is http://tutorial.caroper.com/ It's slightly smaller than you are planning, but could easily have sections added to increase the size
    Having fun is the only important thing
    Shortliner(Jack) away up here in the Highlands
  5. theBear

    theBear Member


    It is funny you should mention that link.

    I am currently trying out various things on a slightly modified version of the compact advanced trackplan.

    I just finished rusting the rails, maybe the railroad will be named The Iron & Oxide Route.


    Any layout to start, keep it simple at first and use it to try your hand at various aspects of the hobby. You are correct about the cost mounting quickly.

    However it turns out that the track is cheap compared to the other things you'll need. I figure that by the time I get "finished" my 2' by 4' will clock in at close to $50.00 a square foot exclusive of rolling stock, prime movers, and major structures.
  6. drewhosick

    drewhosick New Member

    Thanks for that link, I had seen it already but it still gave me some more ideas. I've changed the layout a bit. it made it just a little bit cheaper and yet I think it's still pretty good.

    I'm not sure which design I'll take. It depends how much and how many locos I get, if I go DCC as I think I will if I get 2 or 3 locos and what other costs might arise(freight cars, etc...)

    Choice #1(More Expensive)

    Choice #2(Least Expensive)

    Comments, Suggestions appreciated as well as anything else you might think is useful :)
  7. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery


    Welcome to The Gauge! I am also from the Ottawa area - there are lots of train/model train related things to do here. Don't know how long you have been in the area, but if you want more info, let me know.

    As for the plan, I think it is starting to look good. If you are able to access both sides, you can put a scenic divider down the middle to achieve two separate scenes - maybe one a yard, and the some other industry on the other side.

    What era/locale are you intending to model?

  8. drewhosick

    drewhosick New Member

    Hi Andrew,

    I'd love more info about things going on here in Ottawa. I know of the event at Algonquin in a month's time or so but other then that... Thing is, if there are any events going on soon enough, that would probably help answer a few of my questions, especially with wiring and such. I am starting to understand but to actually see a layout and understand how certain things work(blocks, Reverse Track, DCC, etc...) would be helpful.

    As for my model, I am not planning on doing scenery for now because I won't be in Ottawa past April(unless I come out of College and end up getting a job here in Ottawa.(very unlikely since Radio broadcasting usually demands you start at the bottom unless you do it for free LOL) In other words I'm just planning on laying track(maybe ballast) and then that's it for now. I believe I can use the spikes(or nails) to fasten down the tracks and they should be easy to remove later on. I can't move out without taking it apart so I don't really have a choice.

    I figure the current setup I showed will give me some time to enjoy switching in the yard as well as picking things up at the industry. I am hoping to pickup a shunter as well as either an SD40(Algoma Central Railway) or a Steam Engine or both :). If I have both, I'll have the shunting engine in the yard getting the cars setup while the SD40 and Steam Engine travel the opposite way bringing their load around. "Something like that. Of course, if I do that, it requires the DCC pretty much.

    Anyways, I'd love to meet up with anyone in Ottawa at an event or if there is something else going on. It would be nice to see a layout in action. By the way, feel free to email me anytime something is going on if you wish: drewhosick@yahoo.com
  9. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery


    Here are a few links to local clubs to get you going:

    www.ovar.ca -> check the calendar of events. It is the most comprehensive for the area

    www.hotrak.ca -> HO scale modular group. Our first meeting of this operating year is in September. Lots of DCC/Digitrax gurus. We run probably the biggest DCC set up in Canada, and it's all temporary!

    There is a corresponding Nscale modular group too: http://ca.geocities.com/ovnt@rogers.com/

    You might want to consider a modular layout if you want to progress beyond just tacking down some track. The HOTrak group has lots of info about building, boxing and transporting modules if you want to consider that route.

  10. drewhosick

    drewhosick New Member

    Do you have to have a module to attend the events and watch at all? I'd love to go see it all in action if I could at some point.
  11. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery


    Check your email.

  12. Triplex

    Triplex Active Member


    Your layout looks rigid - all straight tracks either horizontal or vertical. What size are the curves and switches - can they handle SD40s?

    Locomotives and rolling stock cost more than track. Expect to pay $100-200 per engine. I once read you should expect a finished, scenicked layout with engines and rolling stock to cost $1 per square inch. (Can't say if that's true, because I never "finished" a layout.)

    Why not make the layout so it can separate into sections, so you can take it with you when you move? That way, you can expect it to be together longer, and you can have time to add scenery and buildings.

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