N scale MP15AC Milwaukee Road

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  1. I have been considering doing N Scale but the lack of an MP15AC in plastic has held me back.Mark 4 Design was going to do an MP15AC conversion kit but due to the MP15AC being longer he decided against doing the conversion kit.I am wondering about how to go about doing these using the Atlas MP15DC as a starting point,it wouldn't have to be scale length as the difference would be only 1/8" scale length.i am planning on using some Kato SD40-2's with the fuel tanks shortened but I have no way in doing that and no skill in that kind of thing.The layout would be 12'x12' U shaped with 20" radius.Any suggestions will be appreciated as I am in HO Scale and all these items are available ot soon will be available and there is no idea when Intermountain is going to release the N Scale SD40-2 and how good it will be based on the SD45-2 and SD40T-2. The era will be 1979-1985 as if the Milwaukee rebuilt it's entire Iowa Division and eas in a healthy state money wise.I am modeling from Perry,Iowa - Savanna,Illinois. Steve Church Milwaukee Road Iowa Division
  2. This is what makes it hard to be in N Scale when diesels are not available and you have to kitbash them to get what you want.MP15AC's would sell well in N Scale but no one wants to make them available. Steve Church Milwaukee Road Iowa Division
  3. Kitbash MP15AC

    Has anyone kitbashed an MP15AC in N Scale? I was looking into doing some in
    the future and want to use an Atlas MP15DC as a starting point. Steve Church Milwaukee Road Iowa Division
  4. The MP15AC conversion kits are a go,I spoke to Jeff King of Milwaukee Road Train Shop Sunday,and using the Atlas MP15DC an MP15AC shell is being produced to fit the Atlas MP15DC power chassis,it will feature photo etched parts like the grills on the side,tunnel motors on the top,a smooth nose at the front,new handrails,and also probably mu hoses,wind shield wipers and other detail parts,Cost will be between $50.00 and $75.00 for the kits.let me know off line if you want any kits and I will pass it on to Jeff King.Fliers will be put in hobby stores.So far about 30 orders and that should rise to about 100 if not more after people know about these kits.I'm very excited about this. Steve Church Milwaukee Road Iowa Division

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