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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Nscalemodeler, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. Nscalemodeler

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    Hi All. I'm getting back into Model Railroading after many years. I used to model in HO Scale, but have decided to move to N-Scale due to space requirements. I sold all my HO gear and acquired an N-Scale system with lots of track and have since purchased additional items including locomotives, cars and track. Here is the layout I have designed. I'm looking for opinions. It will mostly be used for freight maybe some steam, but probably not much passenger traffic at this time. The inside loop is 11" radius curves, everything else is bigger. The one thing I'm trying to do is make it fully reversible and have been having difficulty trying to do that without covering the entire layout with track. I'd like to have some room for structures and possibly some hills. Any thoughts that anyone has would be very welcome.

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    I was looking over the track plan. If the train enters the reverse loop in the middle there is no way back into it unless the train backs up. I would take out the reverse loop and have a double main line with sidings leading into the city for factories. That way two trains could run freight on the inside and passenger on the outside. My layout has a double main line that runs through three ovals that cross over each other, but my layout is 12'x11'. Inside one oval is the yard, the next one is the control center, and the last one will be a city. I have picture of my layout under alexander's line in my scrap book with the track design. It might give you ideas. The link is below if you want to take a look just click on it then click on the book to get to the thumbnails.
  3. Looking at your plan. i see a couple things:

    First up, your yard. The last yard track uses what looks liek a half-9-3/4 or half-11" section. Change that to the regular 19" section for a much smoother yard run.

    your overall plan looks like an out and back. You want to do out and back in any direction. My suggestion, extend your one siding to make another reversing loop, it'll need at least one more curve section to fit in without a crossover

    I would add new sidings along the back, away from the yard to put as much physical distance between the yards and the sidings as possible. I presume from the turntable, you plan to run steam?

    have you considered relocating the yard and turntable inside the loop? While giving a slightly 'spaghetti' look. the larger space for the main loop would offset that, and allow space for sidings between the reversing loops. It could also make the reverse loops look like part of the yard.
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    Thanks for the comments so far. I made some changes, slightly modified from what you suggested screwysquirrel, but I think it gets to the same point. I'm concerned that maybe this forces too much track into a small space. I guess I'll have to mull on that one for a while.

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  5. brakie

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    Well my opinion is I like you first design lots better.You see you went from one reserving loop to two.Your engine house looks better by the yard then out in the loop.You are correct the second plan looks over tracked compared to your first design..
    Ok. Now for MY touches..I would use the first design and add more industries.I would swing the roundhouse more to the edge and add a switch lead for the yard so I could run trains on the main lines while I work the yard. :thumb:

    Note.I would eliminate the roundhouse and turntable simply because I use diesels and would add more yard tracks and diesel servicing area but,that is my druthers suited to my taste. :D
  6. Nscalemodeler

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    Revised again.

    Well, here it is again. I have gone back to the original design and eliminated the reverse loop to make it a little more open. I have added a yard lead, even though it is curved to fit in the space I have it should do the trick. The problem with my space is that I only have room for 3' of width on the right side, although I can get as wide as 4' on the left.

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  7. A suggested pla:"n

    this is a 8x3 plan, using the extra space to hold your control panel:

    It has 2 loops at 11 and 13" radius, a freight and passenger yard, and a sizable number of industries

    As shown here, it could be frighteningly expensive on turnouts, so should probably be built in stages.

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  8. TrainClown

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    So I can't find sleep...............so,

    I was reading this post and wanted to give my thoughts on yer layout plan.

    Hey, it's late...........or is it early :confused:

    So anyway, I didn't do the whole layout, as you already have some ideas and there's a cat sitting on my keyboard and the hot milk blew up in the microwave because I put it in for three hours and not three min and, oh fudge! here is my take on the layout, although Brakie's idea for a yard would work better than a turn table.


    I'll shut up now.

    TrainClown :sleeping:
  9. brakie

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    SS,That is one great looking layout design. :thumb: It would be easy to build and maintain.I Wouldn't mind using that design at all,but with my touches base on my druthers. No roundhouse,no coach yard(don't run passenger trains :D ),more industries,yard lead,bigger yard and small town area.. :D

    If you guys are wondering why I am down on roundhouses(unless I am using steamers) its because I use diesels and the roundhouse and turntable eats up to much space on small layouts in HO or N Scale that can be use for better things. :D
    Also a diesel servicing area takes up less space.. :D Yes,I am a stickler for using space wisely on small layouts.. :D
  10. Nscalemodeler

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    Wow, ScrewySquirrel. That is a great plan!. I have to fit it into a 7 foot width at this point, so I removed some of the industry, but I did keep the roundhouse, because I will be running steam, sorry Brakie. I also removed the passenger yard, because at this point, I'm going to stick with freight only. If I get into passenger trains I'll wait until I move into my new room in a couple of years. Then I'll have the room to add on (Notice the sidings for future expansion to the left). The roundhouse may get moved around to the right once I get a feel for the space. I'm going to use the siding by the large industrial building on the upper right to also become an access point into the town.

    Let me know if you have any other ideas. SS, this is certainly a much better plan than I was starting with. Thanks again.

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  11. Looks Pretty good, Nscalemodeler.

    I like TC's plan too, as it avoids simple ovals, but you may not have that much room :)

    I would shift the track that looks liked it's your yard lead (it wraps around the turntable) down one notch for a straighter run. It might even fit one more straight at the top of the lead.

    I'd also add one more crossover on the back stretch to make switching the industries a little easier
  12. Nscalemodeler

    Nscalemodeler Member

    Ok,last one. I really like this plan. I think I'll start to build now. I'll keep you guys updated as I start construction.:) I guess I'll have to start saving my money for all of those turnouts.:cry:


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  13. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    Steve,Great plan! Looks good! :thumb: :D
    Hey Steve,Don't worry about the roundhouse..You are running steam.. :thumb:
    Now,if I was running steam I would have a roundhouse to. :thumb: :D :wave:
  14. SteamerFan

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    Brakie, it's almost a given that if you run steam, you must have a Roundhouse :p . Steam and roundhouses go hand in hand, and just doesn'yt look right to have a steam layout without at least a turntable.
  15. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    Yupper,a roundhouse is a steam locomotive must.. :thumb: :wave: One could use a wye instead of a turntable if he has the room for the wye. :D :wave:
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