N scale ge dash 8-40c converting over to micro trains

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by trainman4, Jun 25, 2006.

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    I have several bachamnn enginesand i would like to convert them over to micro trains.I tried getting micro trains conversion page up but i didn't have any luck.Little help PLEASEannounce1
  2. hello and welcome to the gauge:wave: here is a micro trains part number for your loco 489-133040 avlible by walthers.com hope this helps:thumb:
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    I've converted three Dash-8CW's and it's quick and easy to do...no gotcha's. Although the Microtrain instructions recommend cutting the coupler housing off the truck with a hobby knife, I found it easier and better to cut them off with really sharp scissors and smoothing everything out with an Xacto knife. They new couplers work really well with the Bachmann engines on my layout so far. Good Luck and here's the coversion chart from the Microtrain's excel spreadsheet... Bachmann Diesel GE Dash 8-40-C (w/ #9722-1 long shank coupler assy) MTL #1134 (001 33 031) MTL Pilot:1164 (001 33 040)
  4. trainman4

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    thank's a lot for your help.:thumb:

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