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    Hi all!

    I've been thinking recently about doing up a few decals on my ink jet printer. I've read about some of the things you need to be careful of (can't print white unless you've got an ALPS, setting solution, glossy paint, etc.)

    The only thing that I'm having some difficulty in locating is the point size for my font. I'm trying to figure out what would be a good point size for the numbering, and if I should even bother trying to figure the point size for the weight and capacity lettering, as well as any other stuff.

    I'm starting out simple...just trying to do up a box car or two to see how things go.

    I haven't tried printing on the decal sheets yet, mainly due to me not wanting to screw stuff up (I know, I know...live a little). Printing in draft mode on white ink-jet paper usually smudges a bit on the smaller point sizes, but I'm sure it'll be better once I tell the printer that I have "film" in it.


    -- John
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    :wave: John, this is the way I do it. Ok, say you are doing a box car, I scan it at 100 dpi to get the right size, then in my paint program I put the print on the car I want to use, when satisfied I print the image to the decal sheet. This will print the color of the car plus White lettering, (using white decal paper the white lettering will show thru). Trim as close as possible to the lettering and apply. Using solvaset or the like it will settle in and after dull coat you will hardly, if at all, see an edge. Now don't print in draft but the best your printer will print. Also spray a clear coat on the decal sheet and let dry to protect if from smudgeing as soon as you print it. You need to print a whole sheet as to not waste the decal paper, so you may need to do many designs for different operations. Clear decal paper is a different breed, You can't print white but it will print like a very light yellow or gray which in most cases will pass as white. If you want a wheathered look, use the color of the car and then lighten it a lot and applie decal. Say a box car red, with the much lighter red it will look as if the lettering is worn and showing the color of the car through it. A little extra wheathering and bingo auto wheathering. Hope this helps. :thumb: Jim

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