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    All but one of my family worked at one time or another in our home town fire department, including me, so I guess it's natural I should find it important to have a fire department on my layouts to protect my little plastic citizens. There's not much out there in N scale, particularly older fire equipment. So, using a few spare parts and bits I built a fire department of appropriate period vehicles enabling me to retire a British Dennis vehicle (too new for my layout) and an old white metal truck, much too small to be believable in N. I used the frame and hood from a flat bed truck as a basis for the tractor on the aerial ladder truck. Bits and pieces of styrene fleshed it out. The tiller is scratch built with ladders from my junque box adding the details. The pumper started with the frame and cab from a 40's semi tractor, frame lengthened, styrene body built up and, again, bits and pieces to add the details. My citizens now feel safe!




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    Nice work! With that long ladder truck, it should reduce the business fire insurance rates in your town. I like the extension you put on the fire house to fit it in. Really great job on that ladder truck.
  3. Very well done on your fd and have you gave the co a name??? Any how youve inspired me to put one in the vancent lot in our Jersy city on our layout.:thumb: Ill post pics of the trucks i get.
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    Very nicely done. :thumb: :thumb: I'm hoping that extension out back is for the tail end of your hook and ladder...:mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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    Excellent work on that firefighting equipment! :thumb::thumb:

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    Great job :thumb:.

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