N scale engine house interior.

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by RevPhil74, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. RevPhil74

    RevPhil74 New Member

    I want to put a complete interior in my N scale engine house, but I don't know what to do? I have no pics of the inside of one. Help???
  2. jdh

    jdh Member

    my first suggestion is your local library, there are books about rr history that have photos of the inside of engine facilities.

    i have seen vhs tapes showing the details of such things as 'reshooing' a steam locomotive!

    AMERICA'S RAILROADS 7 tape set is great for details.
    they even show how an articulated is built - talk about a hoist!

    it would help to know what era and type of engines you are interested in as the equipment for a modern shop is vastly different from even the 1960's, which is different from the 1910's.

    are you interested in a back shop, where heavy repairs are done, or more of a line-side shop where light repairs & normal maint is done.
    the company i work for owns a railroad, and our repair shop not only works on our switchers and rolling stock- they repair other line's equipment. [when you are good at something, there will never be a lack of work for you]

    in our repair shop there are large hoists just about everywhere you could put one in.

    several large lathes, and one huge honkin' one ;) [cranes above each lathe]

    a few milling machines. welding stuff, diesel engines laying about in various stages of repair. lots of 'parts'

    i keep telling myself i should go down there with my camera, but i have not gotten around to it yet.
  3. RevPhil74

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    I am doing current stuff... I am modeling a shortline here in North Georgia... Diesel engines, etc.
  4. RevPhil74

    RevPhil74 New Member

    I really am thinking about how to build an inspection pit... need to know how the rails are supported... etc. those kind of details... any help is appreciated... not just pics of the real thing but modeling suggestions
  5. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Inspection pits

    There are 2 inspection pit kits -- Peco make one and I think Chooch made the other. Not sure what the availability is.
    The pit is cut down into the concrete and made just wide enough to fit between the rail fixings -- what ever tie plates and boltdowns are used. I suspect there are some places where the pit extends outside the tracks as well and the rails are supported on some sort of vertical beams.
    You could make one by cutting some track down just inside the rail clamps and making a hole in the floor to fit. Need to be careful with the gauge--don't want to drop any locos in it.
    Also need steps at one end and yellow lines around it.
    One of our local clubs visited a shop and the guide was saying "I don't need to tell you guys not to cross the yellow lines" and the five guys that were already in the pit said "There's no yellow line at the top of the steps!"
  6. jdh

    jdh Member

    ok, i went the easy route and bought faller's 2149 kit.
    this is an outside inspection pit. [ok, it was for steam era]

    the modern american engine houses i have both have plastic floors with grooves that you glue each rail into. [this is how the faller thing worked too, but the pit was molded in - and deep too]

    the floor between the rails is solid on the modern ones, but you could easily gnaw that part out with a hobby knife and "lower the floor" between the rails.

    i liked the bachmann kit [brick exterior] because it came with elevated platforms for the workers to stand on.

    i have walther's back shop, and it has openings in the baseplate [three stall] for simulated inspection pits. i did not use the base plate.

    hey, if you need a three stall base plate [you could cut it down for that matter] let me know and i will mail it to you. <no charge, offer good for the good revphil74 only. not to offend anyone, but i only have one baseplate ->

    the kits i have built for loco maint are:
    bachmann 2 stall brick 15163
    bachmann 3 stall modern metal car repair shop 15159
    walthers 3 stall back shop brick 933-3227
    walthers roundhouse 933-3202
    faller 2 stall stone shed 2116
    pola 2 stall stone shed 210

    walther's catalog also has a bunch of detail parts [lathes, etc] in their n/z scale catalog [or you can web-surf at http://www.walthers.com/ not that i spend a lot of time there or anything ;) ]

    yes, the most common industry on the possum flats is loco maint!
  7. RevPhil74

    RevPhil74 New Member

    I am building a modern one. The pike stuff 2 stall kit is almost identical to the real one on the railroad I am modeling... I'm going to run the pits in there... it has no floor, so I will be fabricating one...

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