N scale dummy locomotives

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by c00ker, Mar 25, 2007.

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    I've always wondered the reasoning behind this - doesn't this mean that cars should cost $70?
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    Good question. There are a few factors working together. First is the complexity of a model locomotive, even a dummy one. How many more detail parts go into a locomotive model than a freight car? That adds up to more labor costs, even if they're made in China. Another is the economy of scale. Assuming the tooling cost for a boxcar is similar to that of an engine, how many more cars do you think Atlas sells than engines? (Considering that engines cost more and that most people own more freight cars than engines, that's not beyond the realm of comprehension to presume that they do sell more cars than engines.) The fewer of something that is sold, the higher the cost for each unit needs to be. How many non-powered units would be sold in comparison to the powered ones? Probably fewer still. Also, there would be extra engineering involved with creating a dummy engine. They couldn't reasonably just remove the the motor and gears, otherwise you'd add too much weight for the powered units, even with just a few non-powered ones in the consist. New parts means extra engineering costs and more parts to maintain in inventory. Put another way, Tower 55 is producing road-specific models and charging an extra fifty bucks per engine to cover the extra parts. It's not unreasonable, then, to presume that just casting a new chassis and trucks for the non-powered models would raise their price a few bucks, if not more, as well.

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