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    No basements here in California either. (those pesky earthquakes, ya-know.) Diane is into Quilting and we were going to share a hobby room until the brother moved in. Alas alack. I'm figuring that if I do a good enough job on the table layout I can win her over. BTW, $300 may not be a bad price for that coffee table layout as I am into this one about $200 and I havent layed one piece of track yet, much less started on the table itself. I will consider myself lucky to get out of it for less than $1000.
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    I finally got the correct book today. It's called, "Model Railroading in Small Spaces" by Model Railroader. This is a great book for those who live in small spaces.

    My last apartments livingroom was15x10. I had a 4x8 layout in it! That was the days when I was living alone. We will see. I told Jessica we should get a 2 bedroom apartment and have the secound room as a spare. It would be our guest room and hobby room! But the table is still a good idea. I just don't want to go out and buy everything for a new scale!

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    Good job!!!
    I'll be keeping up with your progress since I'm wanting to build a coffee table layout myself.
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