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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by belg, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. belg

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    This is a question for some of the Jersey modelers, I was told today that there is a N scale club somewhere in Elmwood park or surrounding area. Does anyone know it???

    Thanks Pat
  2. billk

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    I hate to see a thread go ignored, Pat. The trains.com site has a place (http://www.trains.com/clubs/findaclub.asp) called "find a club" (duh). Here's all the clubs listed for New Jersey:

    The Model Railroad Club, Inc.
    Northern New Jersey NTrak
    New York Society of Model Engineers
    Gateway Model Railroad Club
    Burlington County Model Railroad Club
    Delaware and Atlantic N-Trak
    Garden State Central Model Railroad Club
    Pacific Southern Railway
    Garden State Model Railway Club, Inc.
    Ocean County Society of Model Railroadiners
    Ramapo Valley Model Railroad Club

    These are all clickable links on the trains.com site, it looks like. Also, if you know the zip code for Elmwood Park, you could maybe narrow it down some.

  3. Bikerdad

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    Isn't New Jersey small enough that everything's in the area? ;) (says the dude living where its 150 miles to the next city with a population greater than 20,000!)
  4. billk

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    It's not the distance, it's the difficulty.

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