N scale city, highrises and Skyscrapers

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Great Scaper, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. Great Scaper

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    Thanks. Not all the buildings shown are completed but most are. I find some of the building kits that are molded in colour are so bad, that you have to paint them. Aging make a huge difference too. It's been tough sometimes as I've got so many buildings and when it comes time to paint a new one I have to come up with a colour. I've lately been mixing paints. Concrete with white, and a touch of brown, or greens with a touch of blue.. etc. It seems to be working well. I just have to make sure what ever colour I'm mixing I mix enough to finish the building I'm painting! :D

    Here is a photo of my next project I'll start this weekend...
    For some reason these photos aren't showing up on the screen, so if this one doesn't either you can click on the link.

    It's five greenmax box kits of two different buildings and a Tomix 7/11 store. It's going to be a high rise corner building. I'll post photos as I create this one! :D
  2. denver

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    There is a skyscraper on e-bay the maker is 8876cheryl in the uk , i purchased her last one ,happy modeling ...........
  3. darkcurves

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    Whoa, never seen any skyscrapers in N scale before except for the Atlas ones. I like how you u changed your Kato office to a skyscraper. Perhaps i can add more levels to my Kato office too.
  4. Great Scaper

    Great Scaper New Member

    Wow, I forgot all about this thread! hahaha. I've not worked on anything new now for a while. I'll have to do another building soon. I usually model in the winter when I have more time on my hands.

    Thanks again for the compliments. I'll post some more images when I do my next building! :mrgreen:
  5. MCL_RDG

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    If I could muster the words to say more...

    I do see the need to buy a few Hilltowne Hotels. I have one so far. I was gonna bash it for the head house to emulate the Reading Terminal, Phila.

    Thanks for great inspiration.

  6. Great Scaper

    Great Scaper New Member

    Your welcome. I've bought three Bralick Kits so far. I'm trying to buy a couple of more as I want to kit bash a taller version of it. I think it'd make a cool building. I also have to phone custommodelrailroads.com too as they were suppose to have their kits available this spring in N scale but I don't see them yet. The H.O. high rises look awesome.

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