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  1. I'm looking for an N scale bay window caboose. I am modeling the Erie RR and I'm finding certain Erie stuff hard to come by. I have the decal set for the bay window caboose (4 window). Walthers has a bay window caboose, but not in the Erie paint scheme. I kinda hate to pay $13.00 + postage to get a caboose that is going to have the paint stripped off as soon as I get it. Atlas, Micro Trains and a few others I've checked don't even offer a bay window caboose. An undecorated one would be great. I've been watching eBay. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Happy Holidays!!
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    As old as the Walthers caboose model is any undecorated models probably have been purchased and painted by now. Usually it's cheaper to buy a painted model in a road that was overproduced and strip it yourself than to purchase an undecorated model when it is first released.

  3. Thanks,
    I took your advice and ordered one from Walthers at my LHS.
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    I don't have any of my Erie or Erie Lackawanna books handy, but I believe the Walthers car is very close to, though not an exact match for, a couple classes of Erie or EL cabooses.

  5. Dan Vincent

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    I have about 35 diesel locos in Erie but zero in Erie Cabooses.

    Please, somebody make a run of Erie cabooses.
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    what color red were the erie cabooses say round 1950,s .Im like you been looking for a bay window but cant find any so Im going to try and repaint a bay window
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    Have you thought to inquire with a historical society that might have access to specific railroad data on the subject?
  8. I stripped the Walthers Caboose and airbrushed it with Floquil boxcar red. It seems to be pretty close colorwise with the old Erie Caboose pics I have.
  9. erie

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    OK next question where did you get the paint

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