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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by csxengineer, Jul 11, 2003.

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    I see so many track plans, but very few around the room. I'm building a 8' x 10 ' by using 3 2' x 8's and a 2' x 4' removable duckunder, which allows me 4' x 6' of isle space in the center to operate. Its similar to the Georgian HO layout that won M.R.'s best small layout a while back, or the wildcat central. I have two seperate lines, one main, one branch line that interchange at an interlocking. Pics later. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Hi csxengineer My N gauge layout is around a 26ft by 11ft room with a peninsula down the centre. Min aisle width is 30 inches. I have a double track main line with lots of industrial trackage. One end of the peninsula is divided into two cities so I can run point to point.
    Here is my track plan
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    That's perfect. I like the point to point idea & how you incorporated it into the layout. Scenery (especially the homes) are great, but your biggest accomplishment has to be...that you've been married for 42 years! whew.

    Good job on all!
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    If you would like some more thought provoking ideas, check out some of the other gaugers web sites:

    The Unofficial Gauge Links Page

    Shamus had one or two around the room layouts. He used to do N, not sure if he did around the room in N or not. More recent layouts have been HO. His is the Badger Creek icon, or Red Fox Lumber Co.

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