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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by coachsig, Jun 2, 2004.

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    OK Gaugers, here's a tough one for you. I would like to model my old hometown of Lock Haven, PA. A must is the Piper Aircraft plant and airport. The problem is......what good is an aircraft plant or airport without AIRPLANES!! Anyone out there know of a source for N scale aircraft? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks in advance ( I know one of you gaugers will come through :thumb: :thumb: )
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    Try this link, they had one and I got it. It is a nice little model for N-Scale and they ship quickly. I scratch modeled a couple. You could make a mold of it (it is lead or pewter) and make many. Hope this helps. :wave: Jim
    go to their catalog and scroll down to line side models. don't ask me which page it is on but it is there. ;)
    OK, OK. I had to go look, it is on the last page. :thumb:

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