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    I play with that great big HO stuff so I'm not too familiar with your size, likes, and dislikes. It kinda came to my attention that I had a bunch of (plaster???) buildings much too small for me. I used a scale ruler and in "N" the doors were 6-7 feet, and the bldgs were 25-35 feet high. I was wondering if anyone was interested. Of course YOU pay shipping. I haven't got real good pictures, but there are 12 all together. Considering the masterpieces you all can put together, they sure aren't much. If you can't afford better you sure can't beat the price.

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    Pics wouldn't load for some reason. Trying again
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    Once more, I hope

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    And a few more
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    While i dont need any buildings, I sure do like the looks of that B&M Brill Motor coach :)
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    Yep, I do too. Sorry


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