N gauge Switcher trucks

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  1. Sir_Tainly

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    Hi all,

    this is my first post..so be gentle ;)

    I'm thinking about scratch building a SP slug in N gauge, and while I'm ok on my design for the top side I'm a little puzzled over what to use for trucks? Anyone know if I can purchase non powered switcher trucks, or alternatively if the M/T 4 wheel passenger trucks with the adjustable coupler could be used with some modification of the the side frames ?

  2. BDC

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    You could use the MT passenger trucks if you don't mid gluing on some different sideframes. I don't have any catalogs handy right now, so I can't tell you who makes sideframes.

    Another option which I have used is to find a locomotive that has the same size and trucks you want. It doesn't matter if the loco runs, because you disassemble the loco and remove the electric engine, axles, and gears. Take the trucks off the frame and pull all the loose gears out as well. If the remaining gears in the truck make contact with each other, you might want to file them down so each axle spins freely. Put the stripped frame and trucks back together and you have a perfect candidate for a dummy loco or slug. It'll be fairly heavy, but you can cut away some of the frame to reduce weight.

    *I just checked the Kato website http://www.katousa.com and they have the 2-axle trucks in stock they used for their F-units on their website. CLick on the "Parts Catalog" and search for 'truck'
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    Thanks BDC,

    the problem with the loco solution is that finding "scrappers" here in the UK is a touch difficult, and quite an expensive way if you have to start pulling apart good locos. ;)

    Will post some pictures when I've at least made the upper works

  4. BDC

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  5. Sir_Tainly

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    Thanks again, some good stuff here :) although these guys are building BIG slugs ;) I had something smaller in mind!!


    Anyway ordered the 4 wheel carriage trucks which arrived this morning so I can start cutting the styrene and balsa tonight ;)


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