"N" Gauge Me 323 Gigant

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Lepercan, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Lepercan

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  2. I have this one but when I saw how big it was at 1-33 scale I decided not to build it. I may scale it down sometime in the future.

    Nice build
  3. willygoat

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    I still can't believe how well you did this, so I had to post here too. Awesome job Lep :thumb:
  4. Bengt F

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    Messerschmitt Me-323 Gigant Model in "N" Gauge

    Amazing job, Lepercan,

    Is it complete with landing gear and wheels? And, did you build the Opel 'Blitz' truck for it?
    Is it the Fiddlersgreen model, by the way? I have that one, too. It is on the 'to-build' pile.
    Although, I am actually thinking about UPSCALING it . . . which will require some really thick foam-cardboard formers and spars, and probably some kind of internal balsa support structure.

    Really nice job,
    Bengt :thumb:
  5. DHL

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  6. Lepercan

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    Yes, Bengt,
    Right down to the "kneeling tires" in front and the oil drum to hold it up while kneeling. I just finished a diorama with this model and have some bad pics on FG. Hope to post better shots as soon as Photobucket resoles it's issues.
  7. You know the more I look at it the more I want to build it. I think I will reduce it to a manageable size however as I have no place to put it.
  8. Lepercan

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    This one is 1/160,"N" guage, and has a 21 inch wingspan and is 9 inches long. The original is 1/38 and is about four feet wide.
  9. Lepercan

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  10. Bengt F

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    Messerschmitt Me-323 Gigant Model in "N" Gauge

    Wowie zowie, Lepercan,

    That is an impressive diorama! I like the way the V-2 rocket is hauled out of the kneeling Me-323´s cargo hold by the truck. Very realistic indeed.

    Thanks for sharing those pics.

    Bengt :thumb:

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