Myra Canyon Trestle rebuilding (myra side)

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    A couple weeks ago I posted pictures of the rebuilding of the Myra canyon trestles (burned down in 2003) Last weekend I took my Father-in-law's truck and my bike to the other side of the canyon. From the hiking trail parking lot you can get 2 Kilometers to where the construction company has put up a gate since they're still working on the project. This will allow you to get over 6 trestle and to the beginning on the seventh which is just before the first tunnel. Here's some pictures that I shot:


    This is looking across the canyon from about a 1/2 Km from the parking lot. In the distance you can see one of the two large steel trestles. Both of these had their decks burned off when the fires came through but the steel remains intract.


    This is looking right from the first photo. The trestle seen is the one I took the pictures from when I was up there last.


    Looking back towards the Myra station there are three of the six trestles showing


    Looking away from the Mrya station. Note the burned tree trucks on the hillside


    Another shot, at the right is the last trestle you can get to for now, I believe, looking at where you can see the burn line in the trees that it was a survivor of the fire. Most of the trestles on this side of the canyon ar smaller so the rebuilding is moving faster here that the other side on the canyon.


    A rock cut on the old rail line, note how deep it is. Ive heard a story that it was first attempted to make a tunnel here but the rock was too unstable while drilling and it was decided to make this cut instead.


    These are the two things I used to get up here, my trusty Mountain bike and my Father-in-law's 1986 Ford F-250. The bike is the best way to see the rail line since, when the restoration is finished, that return trip through the canyon is about 20 KM. You don't need such a heavy-duty truck to get up to the Myra side, but it is recommended for the Ruth side. The road there is not very well maintained and the construction trucks give to a very good pounding every day
    The Mrya access road is like a billiard table in comparison
  2. Jim Krause

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    That's a beautuful area, even though I still see signs of the fire. It will be a fabulous bike ride when complete.
  3. spitfire

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    Thanks a lot for the photo's Glen - they give a really good idea of the area and the amount of work involved in the restoration. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

  4. MasonJar

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    Great shots! Thanks...! :) :thumb:

    Also good info to have in the (unlikely) event I make it out there... :rolleyes: :D

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    fantastic photos glen,very useful for me, as i plan for this sort of scenery in my layout :)

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