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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by SmolderZ, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. SmolderZ

    SmolderZ Member

    Good comparison, the SD40-2 looks very big doesn't it? :)

    I never liked American railroads, I was planning to build a european track until I saw the program "Super Trains" at discovery, it went about the Canadian railroads and they showed some shots of the famous spiral tunnels, and the locomotives looked very very cool, I fell in love with American railroads :) (they don't make canadian Z-scale locomotives ;))

    I didn't had a track (still don't, well I got a big plan and tons of rails ;)) but I dreamed about having one, and when I found out that AZL makes American Z-scale locomotives I jumped into Z scale, I think I made the right choice. I really liked them when I saw them in the pictures on the web, they look so small, so precise, the tinier the better imo :D

    When I had that SD45 in my hands for the first time, wow, it feels so massive and solid, there isn't anything like it, and it runs sooo smooth, it's a jewel, and very very hard to resist :)

    N scale is very good too, not as expensive as Z, and there is much available for it, if you got the space then you chose N, I like long realistic trains but I don't got much space, so Z was the best decision.
  2. hemiadda2d

    hemiadda2d Member

    My wife knew better than to allow me to hold that SD45 when I saw it..
    Being brass, I'll bet it weighs a bunch.
    I like Z, but those TEENY rail joiners are a PAIN to install!!!
  3. SmolderZ

    SmolderZ Member

    It's not a problem with some care and love ;)
  4. SmolderZ

    SmolderZ Member

    I designed a spriral tunnel based on the Canadian Spiral Tunnels

    The numbers are in millimeter, I still have to figure out if my locomotives could take the incline.
  5. SD90

    SD90 Active Member

    Wow, a spiral tunnel in less than 2 feet! You can sure do alot with a small amount of room in Zscale!
    I would say that is about a 2.5 - 3% grade, I'm not sure how many cars a Z scale loco will pull, but I'm sure it will be fine.

  6. SmolderZ

    SmolderZ Member

    My estimations also say it's a 2.5 - 3% grade. The heaviest cars I got are the husky double stack cars, 1 SD45 could take 10 of those up a 3% grade, more could be a problem, I'm going to run 28 double stack cars with 3 SD45's, it should be possible :)
  7. MagicMan_841

    MagicMan_841 Member

    my question is why are the two tracks on the right of the module so close together??? I understand they're going to be of different elevation...!

    All this Z stuff looks good. I considered Z for a while but it was too expensive...
  8. SmolderZ

    SmolderZ Member

    They aren't going to be at a different elevation, they will come together again at the same hight and continui...but this is my first plan, I might let em continui at different hights and let em come together at a later point.

    Letting them come together at a later point would be much much better don't you think? I will change the plans :)
  9. SmolderZ

    SmolderZ Member

    There are some new exciting releases in Z-Scale! :)

    AZL's GS3 in Daylight.

    AZL's GS3 in desckirted black.

    AZL's GS4 in Daylight. Southern Pacific lettering.

    AZL's GS4 in Daylight. Southern Pacific Lines lettering.

    AZL's GS4 in desckirted black.

    I would go for the GS3 in desckirted black, I'm only running freight trains and the GS3 looks a bit slicker then the GS4.

    The price?'s Z-Scale, it's brass, many details...

    take a deep breath...

    $1039 US dollars

    I really got to think this over before I purchase one...
  10. nscalesteve

    nscalesteve Member

    ...hey, that's cheap, five brass engines for only $1039.00 :eek: :eek:
    (yes, I know, I know, for EACH steamer...)
  11. CN1

    CN1 Active Member

    Great layout plans and beautifull steam SmolderZ :thumb:

    Are you going for Cab control or DCC? :confused:

    Are Decoders available for Z scale, yet:confused:

    More pics please:D :wave: :thumb: ;)
  12. hemiadda2d

    hemiadda2d Member

    The GS-4 Daylight is the no-brainer. Get a set of pass cars, painted in Daylight livery, and run them thru Canada's best scenery! Doubleheaded?:thumb:
  13. SmolderZ

    SmolderZ Member


    AZL's GS4 Daylight passenger set. Set comes with four passenger cars (two shown).

    I don't like it that much, and I don't got a station on my layout, freight only :)

    CN1, I'm going for DCC and yes decoders are available.

    More pics, ok! :D

    AZL's GS3 Daylight passenger set. Set comes with four passenger cars (two shown).

    AZL's GS3 Daylight passenger set 'Challenger'. Californian version also available. Set comes with four passenger cars (two shown).

    AZL's GS3 freight set. Set comes with seven Pennzee reefers. Three shown.

    GS4 freight set. Set comes with seven Pennzee reefers. Three shown.
  14. hemiadda2d

    hemiadda2d Member

    Only 4 pass cars?
    You need at LEAST 10 to make it look realistic! That poor credit card....
  15. SmolderZ

    SmolderZ Member

    Hehe hemiadda2d, I'm not going to buy a $1000 locomotive...well I might in 2005 ;)
  16. pray59

    pray59 Member

    Hi Guys, I am also planning a Z layout. I want to rip the track off my N Scale modular layout and lay Z.

    I want to do transition era NP layout, with Pacific's, Mikado's, and F7's to start. I made some decals for my MT ABA set for Lowey Green, and am stripping an NCL worth of Daylight cars for the train too. I got 4 domes that I want to find something to tint the inside of the dome glass green with.
  17. hemiadda2d

    hemiadda2d Member

    Welcome aboard, Pray59!
    When I built my GN Ocean View Great dome lounge:
    I used Tamiya clear green acrylic paint. I airbrushed it on the underside of the dome glass casting, full-strength from the bottle--too opaque.
    I then took a q-tip moistened lightly with 91% alky, and painstakingly wiped almost 3/4 of the color away, leaving a pleasing green tint.
  18. pray59

    pray59 Member

    That IS a pleasing green tint Hemi! I'm going to order me some ASAP! :thumb:
  19. SmolderZ

    SmolderZ Member

    nice one hemiadda2d! :cool:

    I've been working on my trackplan, cleaned it all up, tell me what you think! (2 modules, 300cm long, 80cm deep)
  20. SmolderZ

    SmolderZ Member

    Well hemiadda2d, I couldn't resist and reserved one GS3...I couldn't resist after seing this picture :(:


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