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    ARMORMAN Guest

    This is a design I've been working on....still not complete...need a cockpit and detailing....

    Anyone want venture a guess what show it's from and what it is?
  2. jrts

    jrts Active Member


    It will be nice when it's finished, is it from Battle Star Galatica :?:

    Keep going


  3. JRSeese

    JRSeese Member

    Here's my extra super long shot guess - It's from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century


    ARMORMAN Guest

    No and no.....good guesses though...
  5. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    one of the Thunderbird craft

    ARMORMAN Guest

    no...good's from an animated series
  7. JRSeese

    JRSeese Member


    ARMORMAN Guest

    good thought, but was considered an American series (although the animation was done in the Orient). The DVDs are currently available only in Europe (go figure...).
  9. Bradley

    Bradley New Member


    I give up. I dont know what it is but I sure do like it. When are you going to get it done and are you going to let us have it when your done. What ever it is?
  10. furman

    furman Member

    galaxy rangers

    ARMORMAN Guest


    We have a winner!!!!

  12. lecook2274

    lecook2274 New Member

    Where's the picture? Didn't get to see it.

    ARMORMAN Guest

    wait for the whole thread to first post has pics attached.
  14. lecook2274

    lecook2274 New Member

    Very nice design. I like how it looks like it drew inspiration from the SW x-wing and the BG viper.

    Are the other designs from the galaxy rangers series nice like this?

    Just did a quick search to see if Galaxy Rangers was on any bittorrent websites, but no luck.

    If they have the horrid shojo anime series "Rose of Versailles", from the late 70's on bittorrent, then they should have hard to find SF anime and quasi-anime series. :?

    ARMORMAN Guest

    Most of the designs are nice....the series had 65 episodes total and the animation ran from (for its time) excellent to poor. the stories were generally good with the usual one or two bad and a few outstanding episodes for a "children's" syndicated cartoon show.

    One site had the episodes available for DL; but with all things, that link has disappeared (if the big boys aren't going to release them on DVD, I wish they wouldn't bother the fans - they're getting free advertising, and who knows, it could start a groundswell).
  16. lecook2274

    lecook2274 New Member

    Managed to download the first episode off of IRC. Waiting in a queue to download the file for more than 7 hours is killing me though.

    The fighter didn't much screen time in the first episode, but it looked vera nice!

    How's the model coming along?

    BTW, Is there a tutorial out there similar to the process you're using to make this model? I've seen the TUTs where you start with a mesh file from a videogame or a fanmade mesh off a website. Are you making a 3d mesh first then unfolding it in pepakura? Or are you drawing the pattern out in in 2D? And importing it into pepakura?

    ARMORMAN Guest

    took screen shots off the TV using a digital camera (from several episodes)

    distilled a general look from the variations in design (primarily from the opening credits)

    modelled that in animation master

    output it to a format that pepakura could understand

    decompiled the model (3 times)

    took it in to illustrator

    and now am working on the detail art for it.

    The episodes are due to be released shortly to DVD, BTW.

    As far as where the model is at, it is in a holding pattern until I finish the assembly directions for Ninjatoes' Defiant that I said I would do (after redrawing the model, which is done).

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