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Discussion in 'Traction Thoroughfare' started by trolleynut, Dec 12, 2005.

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    Yeah I was watching that one shortliner...but I got a prebuilt for 35.00 and it has to be detailed...but included the decals and window glazings.Ive seen them go for 50.00 unbuilt.


    that's where Im thinking.Of course,that may change when the other buildings are done. I'd like to locate the bus station near the trolley line if at alll possible.
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    Happy New Year Everyone!

    The bus station and all other buildings have arrived.I have been real busy at work and have had little time for trackwork.I prett much have everything I need know including scenery,people and buildings.I am adding a newer bus garage-yet to be built.

    I decided to buy alot of buildings already done.Got some good deals,and presto!
    Now comes the finish work.I did decided the entire layout needs to be about 5 inches lower.Easy thing to fix since it is removeable in two sections.

    Anyway,here is where I am now.. Its pretty much they way it will be. The white building on the hill will probably get a few more buildings added,and some buildings may be adjusted to put in parking,sidewalks and trees.

    Let me know what you think,and hopefully this weekend Ill get some more streettrack done.

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    Hi Guys.Here a few new photos.I am coming along nicely I think.Even though I did make a tunnel,I made sure I could get inside of it.I have a few Branchline wood houses that will sit on a street above the tunnel.
    I decided to use foamboard for streets that dont have trackage.I'm pretty happy with it and all streets will be grayish colored.The black is just too dark and the areas already painted black with be painted again in grey.The right hand module is about 70% done.I also made the decision to keep most residential structures on the right side module.A few stores too but the commercial space will be built just to the left and then,the train station and school bus yard.The module is still in the kitchen and all structures are removable.The plan is this weekend to finish the rough scenery and move it to its place in the bedroom to begin work on the left 4 x4 module.

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  6. interurban

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    It looks great, love the tunnel .
    You do have some great looking buldings, I love urban scenes, get some billboards in there too trolleynut.
  7. spitfire

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    Very nice!!! Your streetscapes look great - the views down the streets are very realistic. Great layout! Keep us posted with your progress. Like Chris, I love the urban scenes as well. :thumb:

  8. trolleynut

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    Thanks guys,I appreciate your comments.

    The left and right modules have been rejoined in the bedroom,and I will soon glue the track down.
    The loop that turns towards the bus station will receive street trackage.
    I am please with the way the right hand module came out and I still have plenty more scenic bushes and trees to install.

    I am building a few more houses,note the light blue one is a branchline kit that will sit on the mountain with the tower one eventually.The two bungalows are located where a diner will front the bus yard.Another entrance to the yard will border the diners parking lot.Its all a big process fitting buildings in and I have done so many other mockups along the way and then change it..
    You can definately see the vastness of the busyard in some of the photos here.

    The testing of the trolleys making all the way around is complete.I dread more street trackage.But I learned a few things from the right hand module

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    New pics

    The right module is nearly complete.

    The left has given me headaches with the curve,and I lost some space because of it.The MBTA LRV trolley makes it over all curves!...

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  10. trolleynut

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    I have done alot of work this summer.
    I am working on greenery big time.Most of the buildings are not glued in except the houses in the back.
    I plan a more dense building area for this side of the layout.But for now,these buildings will do.
    I plan a Victoria Falls hotel,and Walthers American Hardware building for this area along with the row of buildings you see before the hill.The diner,and surrounding buildings will be relocated as soon as the newer buildings are complete.

    I have run into some problems but the whole experience has been good.

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    Some of the problems have been trying to figure out how to enclose the middle tunnel.
    Can decide if I want to disguise with a roadway or to cover with buildings.

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    Few more shots,before & after

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  13. trolleynut

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    few more shots

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  14. trolleynut

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    still have some ballasting to do....

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  15. MilesWestern

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    THAT LOOKS F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!! :thumb: keep posting more pics! I like the overpass scene in the last photo the most! Post more often please! :)
  16. interurban

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    announce1 You have done a fantastic job Trollynut, Take a bow.

    It blends together great and the colours you have been working on look right:thumb:

    Just one thing missing friend, without it you are not going to do it Justice , that great Lay out needs--------------

    You know.
  17. TruckLover

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    I like it. Great job so far :thumb: :thumb:

    It looks like you like school buses just as much as I love trucks!!!:D :thumb: :) COOL.

    I like how you made some of the trucks and busses have lights in them. I really liked the Red Ford LN 9000 Grainbox Truck:thumb: :thumb:

    Keep up the awsome work Tolleynut :thumb: and keep posting pictures:D .
  18. trolleynut

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    unfortunately,I had to dismantle the layout.The apartment above mine had a large fire,and I suffered MAJOR water damage to the room where the layout was.
    I had a partial ceiling collapse.I spent nearly 4 weeks in a friends apartment while the insurance company played the games they do.

    Most of the scenery work was destroyed because of water,but I was able to salvage alot of the buildings.But at this point it will be months,possibly years before I can do anything.
    The layout or what it salvageble is now in boxes in the basement.I probably wont build until I own my own place with a basement for the layout.

    Right before the fire I had added another 4x8 section,and the layout was nearing what I had envisioned in the beginning.I do intend to keep buying stuff(mostly HO scale related buses)and someday I will build again.
    The plan right now is to build the bus garage and a SMALL area around it.It will be a while before I can even do that.

    Now life is more about getting my apartment back to normal,which is a task in itself.
    I guess I should consider myself lucky,since nobody was hurt.
    I do appreciate all the support I have received here,and I can not begin to tell you how bummed out I am.I am not giving up ,however,just a long delay on the dream.
  19. interurban

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    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    That is so upsetting, Take a deep deep breath, I had to when I read your post.

    Keep dreemimg and planning, then one day your plans with live again.

    Meanwhile keep us up to speed please.
  20. jetrock

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    Oh my gosh...sad news about the fire, glad you weren't hurt!

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