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    Don't know if this will work - but could you use code 100 with code 55 flatbottom soldered with the head into the web of the code 100 to simulate street rail?
    Shortliner(Jack)away up here in the Highlands
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    shortliner: My mistake, I actually use the "Setrack" turnouts on the module in the photo, but also use some "Streamline" turnouts for other portions of the layout where I don't need something so sharp.

    The code 100 rail with code 70 soldered into the web is an old trolley modeler's trick--time-consuming and difficult to manage. First you have to bend the heavier rail to the curve desired, then bend the lighter rail from the top (which usually requires a bending jig not too dissimilar from an Orr bending tool) to match, then soldering the rails together along their length without leaving any derailment-causing solder blobs inside the rail. Using Orr girder rail is a LOT easer.

    The Proto:87 stuff is nice but it is intended for Proto:87 wheels which have very small (correct-sized) flanges, so most model railroad equipment wouldn't work too well--the wheels wouldn't touch the rail, equipment would ride high on the flanges. Not too good for electrical contact. Orr girder rail would be easier, cheaper and usable with a wider variety of equipment.
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    You can tell I'm not a trolley modeller <VBG!>, although I did consider something like the PE with freight motors, at one time
    Shortliner(Jack)away up here in the Highlands
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    I'm still contemplating doing a streetcar-themed mini layout--those Richard Orr turnouts with their 6" radius curves in HO are the stuff of mini layout makers' dreams--not to mention the operations potential of, say, a single-truck freight motor on a tiny, tiny switching layout! I wonder how small of a Timesaver one could build with Orr turnouts, only needing one "car length" (assuming the freight motor does strictly LCL package business) for any spur? Not to mention that one could very easily put a trolley-fied loop on an 18" wide piece of wood, with a switching/industrial area in the middle...hmmm.
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    Jetrock - Sounds good - shortie box-cars/flats and even a steeple-cab based on the Bachmann 44-tonner mech - I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Write it up and photo it as you go - MTI is always looking for that sort of thing!. How about the loop with the Timesaver in the middle as the Industrial switching area, and an Inglenook 3:2:2 yard on the outside?
    Shortliner(Jack)away up here in the Highlands
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    Main Street repaved

    Ok,I did get alot of shopping done early,and I happened to be in Home Depot.....

    I reglued the track down last night so it would be dry today.I removed the tpins,built barriers out of double sided tape.The length across is 6" just wide enough for my tool.I tested all trolleys and they made it around numerous times.
    I then began the "smoothing" of the speckling.
    The stuff "sets" quickly and the more you mess with it,the worse it looks.However,no road is perfect,specially in Boston.Should I mention Type 8's?

    It looks alot like the joint compund,and there looks like there will be a need for a second pass,maybe not on the inside but outside of rails.I used and old set of boxcar wheels to make a few passes,and rough it out some. Hopefully with a second pass,it will disguise the ties a bit more.I have decided to use and asphalt color(greyish black) to hide the ties too.

    Defintely looks as if the other roads(on both modules) will be in quickly.Then a little bit of sanding,and some paint and I should be ready to ballast the exposed track,and lay plaster cloth.

    I don't have to be back to work til Jan 3 so I hope to make some more progress.

    Here's some photos.You can see it already looks better than the joint compound did.
    Thanks for all your help guys.[​IMG]

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    Again,this morning the ties are more pronounced,there are cracks,etc.....:curse:

    Its gonna need a second coat.The rails are cleaned and Im getting contact but I am discouraged by the look at this point. A little "sunken".Should I be doing it in smaller amounts? Maybe a small section at a time,sand,clean,lay next section,etc.

    Im also considering balsawood inserts for the middle of the tracks.The plastering method seems ok on the outside part of the rails,but in between is the problem.

    Anyway,Ive got loads of flexi track and I am not adverse to ripping it all up again. **sigh**

    The walthers street system is another way to go,and it's looking like a better option at this point at least on the front "Main Street". Since the module is split at the 4 foot mark I have two sides to experiment on.

    The rest of the roads,(not street track) will be speckling.I do like its abilty to be manipulated a but while drying. I'll pick up some road colorings today and I'll lay most of the streets on the module tonight.

    The good thing about the trackage on the street id the main part of it faces the front of the layout.Makes it easy to work on once it is reconnected and gives me the abilty to work on it while completeing other sections of the layout that fall behind the trackage.
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    I wonder if it has to do with the thickness of the layer - could it be that it needs to be laid in several coats and allowed to dry out SLOWLY in between? I seem to remeber that there is something that can be added to slow the setting time. I think balsa might be a problem due to it absorbing water and then swelling!
    Shortliner(Jack)away up here in the Highlands
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    It is in the mixing, must be.

    I test the mix using a knife if it slops off thicken the compound up, it has to hold on the knife.
    The pics of our road was all done in one go, with no problems.

    I use balsa strips about the same hight as the rail , I pin them where the road width will be, allowing for side streets as I go.
    Then I mix and pour mix and pour untill it`s all in.
    Using a pice of wood the lengh of the street I glide it across the rails balse wood to balsa wood, this will push the excess as I go into the area to do next, have a pan of water to keep the wood clean.
    so as it`s drying the top rails are just about showing.
    When it`s dry I use a jewlers screwdriver at an angle against the inside rails and a set of wheels to check for contact..

    I dont try for a smooth finish untill its been down for 15 mins otherwise you will thin out what you have just done and weaken it .
    Hope that rant helps trolleynut :D

    Here is a shot of the last street I did on my old L/O.

    The last shot is the finished scene.

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    [​IMG]I decided to paint it and see what it looks like.The trolleys all make it around!The track needs to be cleaned a little bit better.I will do a second coat later tonight and try to darken it a little.The ties are much less pronounced.I think with a little scenery...hell you may not even notice it.I like the blacktop look anyway.

    Also went to the hobby shop and found this neat product by Kabri.
    Looks like that may work in another section of the layout.Neat product,but they should just mount the rails in for you.:rolleyes:
    It's got the cobbles molded in.

    They actually are one piece with a spot for the rails score out,but they wont accept the rail. But cut into 3's it will fit:thumb:
    Chris your layouts are incredible.Wow.


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    Yeah kinda like the Branchline houses.:rolleyes:

    Yeah the hobby shop ruled out balsa.

    Ah it's all trial and error at this point,but mostly errors though.:oops:
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    Looking great .

    I hope to get all my overhead in over the Christmas /New Year . I will then bring my "building a Traction L/O" back up to the top with a few pics. Thats in the track planning.

    I emailed this thread of yours to a few friends who know Boston very well so they are intrested in what you are doing trolleynut. :thumb:
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    "That bus coming up the street is a fine rare model.The one in the foreground looks to be a APM but I am not sure."(qoute)

    That Bus is a GM 1956 era #1500 series TTC # them 1900. painted in TTC colours
    Hard to find now if you do GRAB them
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    Thanks Chris.Are there other trolleynuts in Boston?:cool:

    On that you know who manufactured it.Looks to be maybe MEK or Pirate. I would definately grab one if I ever saw it.

    Got a bus station and some background buildings today already built.

    The street track looks ok today. Im still thinking it will need another coat as it still looks bumpy around the rails.Can I mix the topcoat right into the speckling compund or should I just lay it wait and then paint it?
    On the mix-can I add water to it if the speckling seems to thick?

    What did you think of the Kibri cobblestone inserts?

    I would be interested if there are any clubs in Boston that do what I do. I would be happy to meet others.

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    I emailed it to friends in Toronto who go to Boston to ride the system and visit museum`s on the way.
    I will ask Andy about contacts there for you.

    Andy said he would visit with you when he is next in Boston :thumb:

    Also concerning the bus he did tell me it was a special order, with diffferent road names and some blank, many years ago though.

    Pics of the bus station PLEASE!!!

    Kibri cobblestone inserts? I have never used them, Having operated over cobbled streets, I prefer to scribe my own and give them the well used look.
    But that`s a me thing :D I am sure other people make a good job with them.
    My way is cheap and cheerful :p :rolleyes:

    Merry Christmas from Interurban.
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    I bought the "Spectrum" bus station off ebay,already built but not detailed.

    Im really waiting at this point for alot of prebuilt buildings to arrive.16 in all,that should help fill in some of the dead spots and replace some of the less desireable structures I really don't want.

    Since the whole layout is based around the buses,Im looking to place the bus station near the front of the layout.
    This poses several problems at this point but I think once the buildings arrive,I'll be able to get a better vision on where to lay more streets.
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    Here's a mock up.The area in the back infront of the portal,is the area I was going to put the bus station in,but I'm afraid with the hieght of the new buildings going in,it may get lost in the skyline. Im now thinking where the small school bus is turning of locating it there.

    Alot of the buildings shown will not make it onto the layout.On the far left you can see where the other street trackage will go.

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    What about to the right of the street in the centre where the school bus is?

    It is looking good trolleynut.
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    I see there is another one on there - with an hour to go as I write
    Shortliner(Jack)away up here in the Highlands

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