my trains got the shakes!!!

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by ROD J H, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. ROD J H

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    is it normal for the n scale rolling stock to shake going down the rails? the box cars are worst,they vibrate and are not rock steady,it does not look too cool.when i had g scale rolled down the rails real smooth but they also have a lot of weight.i tryed adding weight inside the box cars but did not help much.Iam using atlas flex track with 22 inch radus.i was hoping for a more real looking train.are the HO scale trains more solid on the track.Iam pulling this 8 car train with a atlas sd60 diesel and it runs real smooth.
  2. pooka2hot4u

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    well the most common reason for that would be either dirty wheels or crooked axles on the cars.
    search around on cleaning wheels and if the axles are crooked you might have to buy new wheel-sets.
    no need to switch scales
  3. TruckLover

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    You also might add more weight to the cars and see if that helps?
  4. Ralph

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  5. ROD J H

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    thanks for all the help,I found the was the plastic tab that goes into the hole on the truck. the hole is a little too large and uneven causing the box car to rock back and forth going down the tracks.a little thin tape around the tab makes it fit into the hole without so much slop and now the cars roll nice and smooth.these are new cars maybe I should buy the more expensive ones.these are $6.00 cars marked down to $2.99.thanks again guys
    I will post some pictures when I get all the track down

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