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    Just a quick note: in real life there are steam locos with blind wheels too.

    Our ex- standard South African Harbour shunting steam loco classes S, S1 and S2 were 0-8-0's and their two center wheels were blind.
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    does blind mean it has no flanges for the wheels to take tighter turns?just didnt know what you meant
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    I may be missing something, but if your room is 10.5 X 10.5 it looks like the layout takes up the entire space. If that's true, how do you access/view the yard on the right side? If the dark line is a divider it seems that it would hide a lot of that yard which, if I understand correctly, will be a steel mill, will making operations there difficult.
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    One last layout querry

    Yip, thats exactly what they are there for. :thumb:

    Also, one thing I always thought was that on the far right of your layout plan there is no wall there so another person can stand there too- or is it a standard room- because thjat will change everything. :D
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    Heres an example


    If you look at the driver wheels you will see the drawing office drew the outer wheels thicker than the center two, probably to denote no flanges for the inner two.
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    OK everybody im sorry but this is the wrong thread.this is the old done planning my trackplan as i had it in "trackplanning for the future" for the past month.the whole thing has been figured out and redone.sorry to burst your bubble.if you want to see it go to the trackplanning forum and youll find it there thanks!.--josh

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