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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Why me, May 15, 2007.

  1. Why me

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    Why is it that we are always complaining? Have you ever caught yourself saying any of these things: there just isn't enough money to go around, the taxes keep going up, my work is driving me batty, we can't seem to get ahead?

    For those of us who are fortunate enough to live in a democratic society, we often complain about the smallest issues. And, they are small issues when you take a moment and put yourself in a place where weekly suicide bombers kill at will. And, isn't it just a little sad to think that we often here those around us, or ourselves, complain as though we lived in a war torn society where families are never sure if they'll have enough food for a few more days, or even if they'll be alive to see their children grow.

    Do you think that this is because we take for granted what we have? Do we expect more only to satisfy are self-serving interests?

    Our blessings, in a free society, are visible when we step back and survey the world around us. Our blessings are invisible, however, if we are only self-serving. Undoubtedly, there are some issues over which you have little or no control. So what can be done?

    Do we moan and complain, or do we get up from our padded chairs and look beyond the issue and strive for the solution. For each problem we face, we have the opportunity to make it better or to resolve the issue, or to work toward a positive change. We aren't beaten to the ground, we are not incarcerated for trying to make changes, and we aren't cast out to live a nomad's life.

    It is far too easy to cry "poor me" than to set yourself into motion by taking action. Yes, blessings are everywhere if we have the insight to open our eyes. Problems are everywhere yet they pail in comparison to the plight of hundreds of thousands of others less fortunate.

    If you have a job you don't like, at least you have a job. If your job is driving you batty, stop complaining and take action to either change your job environment, or find another job. If you don't have the skills to get a better job, whom should you blame? Take responsibility and accept the blame. After all, you have the choice - you are blessed with the opportunity to acquire new skills from thousands of schools, or courses to chose from.

    Blessings are real and visible when viewed from cleansed eyes; eyes that can see possibilities, not problems, eyes that can see opportunities, not spite, eyes that can see new days ahead not a life filled with excuses.

    Before you cry "foul", think about all the blessings that are visible. Each day is a new day, a day to start with positive actions based on the blessings you have
  2. Straycat

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    I agree with you. I think it's just a human thing to look at the bad and complain and hope someone will come up with an answer. Sometimes it's better to let it out than hold it in. Those who complain all the time don't have many friends.
  3. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    Thanks for the thoughtful and positive note Mike!
  4. yellowlynn

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    Mike, I think you have put into words the foundation of happiness. Contentment is both earned and learned.

    Thank you for these thoughts of the day.

  5. Why me

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    When a giftedteam dedicates itself to unselfish trust and combines instinct with boldness and effort --it is ready to climb
  6. Gil Finn

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    Here is a thought for today, what is wrong with this society.

    Geeze, An other warm fuzzy post. That is what is wrong with society, to much of this land of opportunity, apple pie, walk in his ssee the man with no leggs,hoes stuff. Teach a man to fish and the state and federal government will tax and regulate all the darn fun out of it.

    You best do domething about liberal thought pollution like the baby seals are dying myth and mean old NRA killers shot Bambi's moma.

    What about the fact that wacko leftists who wont let you smoke in a beer joint, eat chips with fat :)confused: ) want to raise your kids because we poor morons arent smart or educated engough so let the state do it

    That green crowd will have you on skate boards going to work soon but only with a helmet.

    Nothing looks as stupid as some dweeb in a bike helmet taking up the road when I am using my God given righjt to use all the horse power my 91 Caddy can muster.

    And an otherthing, who sez I gotta rent to, feed educate and give heath care to border criminals?

    My thoughts for the day.:evil:
    . .
    .If you read this far, be advised I am only kidding.:mrgreen:

    There those who will get thier jets in an up roar now.

    I am joking

    I dont mean it

    Turn back the torch lit mob from my castle

    I aint Imus

    Have mercy for what I said, I am a Baaddd Boy Lou.
  7. Why me

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    Renaming the Rose"

    An old saying, “a rose by any other name is still a rose.” The truth in this saying is very simple. You can name it anything you want but it is still a rose.

    In our world today we tend to rename things in order to offer up a defense for our actions. If our actions are wrong, we can not make them right all with a name change. Many people “blame” their adult problems on childhood issues. Basically, “I am wrong” but I have decided or have been offered the medical excuse to blame others. Instead of dealing with the problem we mistakenly try to rename the rose.

    You may have martial problems at home. You can blame your spouse and channel the denials toward them but you are still trying to rename the rose. A wonderful Christian counselor once told of a woman that had severe martial problems. She wanted a divorce from this monster. The counselor finally agreed that the best thing was a divorce but he said until the papers are final behave as a Christian should. A few weeks later she came back in with the wonderful news. Their marriage was saved. How he asked? She said as soon as she started acting with kindness, and grace the whole relationship changed.

    Many people find it easier to rename the rose than to understand the power of wonderful change and influence is within our own hands. So often the problems manifest around us but their origins are deep within the wickness of our own hearts. So enjoy the rose today that God has given instead of renaming the blame
  8. MadHatter

    MadHatter Charging at full tilt.

    This is an interesting thread
  9. Why me

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  10. Why me

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    May the teachings of those
    you admire become part of you, so that
    you may call upon them.
    Remember, those
    whose lives you have touched and who have
    touched yours are always a part of you,
    even if the encounters were less than you
    would have wished. It is the content of
    the encounter that is more important than
    its form. May you not become too
    concerned with material matters, but
    instead place immeasurable value on the
    goodness in your heart. Find time in
    each day to see beauty and love in the
    world around you. Realize that each
    person has limitless abilities, but each
    of us is different in our own way. What
    you may feel you lavk in one regard may
    be more than compensated for in another.
    What you feel you lack in the present may
    become one of your strengths in the
    future. May you see your future as one
    filled with promise and possibility.
    Learn to view everything as a worthwhile
    experience. May you find enough inner
    strength to determine your own worth by
    yourself, and not be dependent on
    another's judgment of your accomplishments.
    May you always feel loved.
    Hi my name is Mike Drummond age 49 MS suffer for past 13 years if you have the time to look it will give you an insight of what i live on a daily basis[

    New Page 1
  11. Jim Krause

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    Gil Finn: Like it or not, the world (global warming, population growth) is changing. Changing in a large part because of human influence. Its no use trying to ignore these changes, as they will continue. We can have some influence over them by changing our attitudes and habits. I know that's a hard thing for us older folks to understand. Ranting about bicycle riders getting in your way isn't going to help. Feel good comments do have meaning. They are sure more inspirational than any I read from your post. Jim Krause
  12. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    I'm going to rely on Gil's comment at the bottom of his post that he was indeed making a joke. You wouldn't laugh at ol' Ralph when he wears his bike helmet, would ya Gil!? :)

    As I have done before, I ask members to remember that we come from various backgrounds and have widely varied opions about social and political issues. Despite that its great that we can enjoy the common interest of railroading! Now, some of you will recall that a while ago we had a long and sometimes very hot thread about global warming (no pun intended) that ended up requiring a lot of editing and finally closure. We won't be revisiting that again so l'd prefer to see Mike's thread be what he is trying to make it.


  13. Cannonball

    Cannonball More Trains Than Brains

    Well, shoot.
    I was going to agree with you on most of it.
  14. Why me

    Why me Member

    Hi guys will keep my thoughts of today to myself in future never meant to offend anyone sorry.mike
  15. Gil Finn

    Gil Finn Active Member

    sorry about that, just call call me Imus:oops:

    Fellowship and harmony are what it is all about.
  16. yellowlynn

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    I see the ironic humor in Gil Finns musings and dribbling. I'm sorry, that was drivel, wasn't it. I rather enjoy it. But all in all, Mike, please, please don't stop your thoughts for the day. I really look forward to them. They always have a good moral.

  17. Why me

    Why me Member

    Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.
  18. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    There ya go! Thank you Mike!
  19. Gil Finn

    Gil Finn Active Member

    Sure , it was drivle, foolishness pure and simple.

    Jokes, a little fun poked at life.

    We should be able to joke among ourselves without ill feelings.

    Harmony and fellowship is more important than toys.

    But please just dont take away my trains, I will be better:)
  20. Mountain Man

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    Why is expressing reality defined as "complaining"? If a poor person says they don't have enough money to go around, do you honestly feel they are "complaining", or is it that you are bothered by the fact thatthey can make that statement in your perfect world?

    Because life is rosy for you, do you really imagine that is that way for everyone else?

    Incidentally, Americans do not live in a "democracy"; we never have. We live in a republic, as you may recall from your Pledge of Allegiance, a form of government which features representative government with the citizen able to participate only at the lowest level and denied the right to vote on important issues which are decided at the uppermost levels by politicians far removed from the wishes and needs of the common voters.

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