my small tank collection

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by gmeyer1962, Jun 21, 2010.

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  1. gmeyer1962

    gmeyer1962 Member

    scale is 1/144


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  2. gmeyer1962

    gmeyer1962 Member

    some more

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  3. gmeyer1962

    gmeyer1962 Member

    and again some pictures

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  4. gmeyer1962

    gmeyer1962 Member

    continued .....

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  5. gmeyer1962

    gmeyer1962 Member

    continued part 2.......

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  6. gmeyer1962

    gmeyer1962 Member

    continued part 3


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  7. niedance

    niedance New Member

    Pretty good.
  8. chimchimz

    chimchimz New Member

    small tanks, small army :sign1sign1
  9. devox

    devox New Member

    Incredible folding skills there
  10. gregh

    gregh Member

    nice tanks, a little small for my hands and tired eyes. good work
  11. Rashura

    Rashura New Member

    Very detailed models! Nice work, but are these type of models suposed to stay in white ? Or will they be painted later?
  12. Fonzerlator

    Fonzerlator New Member

    i hope they will be painted : P
  13. ultra1

    ultra1 New Member

    a nice collection u got on there

    keep going

    ultra stone
  14. MAGI

    MAGI Member

    Those look great.

    Thanks for posting them.
  15. sepp10x

    sepp10x New Member

    Did you developed your own patterns or have you reduced the scale of some available models?
    I too would like to see them painted.
  16. ninja_doc

    ninja_doc Member

    Very nice!
  17. adyputra

    adyputra New Member

    well, those collections very good, tiny but the textures.. make it detail..
  18. robot

    robot i'm a paper shredder

  19. sepp10x

    sepp10x New Member

    Thanks for the link. I visited the site a long time ago and the file were amongt those I lost through a drive crash.
  20. Llamahead

    Llamahead New Member

    Nice stuff can't wait to see them painted? Thanks for the link and urrr what are they? I think ones a Jagdpanther or a Stug but are the rest Panzers or what? Sorry to betray my ignorance like this!
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