my sincere apologies guys, strike one against the newbie

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    Total part deleted, this is a pirate site, Rick, SiteAdmin

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    Sorry GEEDUBBYA, but I think they are pirated. Some of the smaller ones are fiddlers greens kits, and the rest look Maly Modelarz. I fell for the same scam a awhile ago too. It was a different site but boy it seems nice to find all of those "free" kits. Basically they are scans of original kits, so they are stolen. I had no idea when I ran accross them either. I didn't even know that the company "maly Modelarz" existed at the time. Ron or Rick will probably have you remove the link.

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    what downer

    well bummer, and here I thought I had come across something :(

    thanks for letting me know, I am still new at this stuff.

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    Ok this is a pirate site

    If there are any questions as to the legitimacy of a site, let Ron or I take a look, and will allow or disallow as needed

    editing as i speak


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    well guys,

    I I will let the admins of this site make the determination as to the legitimacy of the above site, if they determine it is in fact a pirate site I wish to apologize in advance. I meant no harm. I did however find this disclaimer on the site as translated in broken english by google:

    "(c) Beuliland 2002. The exposed files aqui are unloaded of Internet pages that do not request authorization for their use. If at some moment I harm this disposition, not dudeis in contacting with me to solve the subject. If it wishes to include in your Web some image, simply cojela. So single mandame a mail comentandome your Web "

    Now as to what the intent was of the site owner, well thats not my call either.
    But again, if its determined its a pirate site, I sincerely apologize.


    PS. note my "motto" below

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