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    ok all i started my set up was going very good untill i tryed to put some track down with piont motors then i ended up ripping it all back up so is it better to lay track befor and work out where i want motors thei is my first setup any help will be nice after wasting some good time and finding out it was not going to work and way i will stop going on iv riped it all back up and back to a blank start heres some pics of it be for

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    Hi Jimbob, what I do is tack or glue down the main track leading to the point/switch. Then push the point/switch in to place using fish-plates to connect the two pieces of track. Hold the point/switch in place with drawing pins. Insert a fine pencil or a scribe into the small hole that will take the point motor rod and move the point/switch from side to side, making a mark as you go.

    Once your roadbed is marked, pull out the drawing pins & remove the point/switch and then drill 2 holes, one either end of the scribed/marked line that you have just created. Then what ever your preference, (I just tilt the drill gently so as not to snap the drill bit) and make a slot.

    Now you can properly lay and fix in place your point/switch, then simply mount your chosen point motor under your baseboard.

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