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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Bywaterrailroad, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. :wave:After over 3 years, (since Aug 2005) I am getting back into my model railroad activities and back to reading and posting at the Gauge. I will begin planning the rebuilding of my layout that Katrina's rains ended. Water and layouts don't mix well. Spared portions of the layout have been stored vertically for years now so I guess I will start new and try to save some of the landscape elements. I am going to try to do DCC rather than the block system. Don't know anything about DCC, any suggested books to read up on the basics?
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    Glad to see that you hung in with the hobby through some tough times. Welcome back.
  3. God bless you and the other who made it and glad to see you still want to give the railroad a go. As for dcc to me its the greatest thing since sliced bread. Yet i have the old atlas system that works for me for now im looking to get the MRC2. All in all its worth the investment:thumb:
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    Great news and I'm sure it was a tough decision - but I'll bet it will be a rewarding one.

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