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Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by dnalor, Nov 7, 2011.

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    Can't see the video as you have to log into YouTube to see it. You might want to post it in the public section. You can imbed it here in the advanced section, there is a YouTube button and you place the "Share Code" only, and the video will be in your post.
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    You plan build it in 1:1 scale? I think i is good idea. But how do you strengthen the construction?
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    This droid is reinforced with a lot of carton glue and screws.
    and the mainbody is a large roll of carton. very hard and stiff.

    I allready tried a 1:1 R2..
    I used the drawings of the R2-community and constructed him complete with carton and tape.

    He was great but with moving to a new house he didn't survive the transport..

    Now i'm working on a millenium falcon.
    And found so many great models...i hope i have the time to make all of them.

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    very nice I love BIG!
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    i found the back there is my old droid

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