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Discussion in 'Commercial & Civilian Vehicles' started by cham2020, Jun 24, 2007.

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    Well, those are simple paper models.. Hope you guys don't mind my humble models. I took a simple base I found on the net and modified it according to my taste. Here are some... All are done using Ms Paint and Adobe Photoshop

    Proton Saga Iswara Rally (EON)
    This is the car I am driving. This Rally machine is once banned by WRC cause it's too powerful. 4g63t powered and 4wd that Evo 3 can't even beat.. It's a real powerful car in the rally arena. Driven by Karamjit Singh.

    Proton Wira Rally X 2
    To Replace the Iswara Rally. It's basically an Evo 3 in disguised. A legend car also..
    Featured inside a few video games before....

    Proton PERT X 2
    This is customized by me as a tribute to Karamjit Singh as a tribute to him as a legendary Rally driver in Malaysia. It's basically an Evo 7 in disguise. Featured in PS2 WRC4 game. ;)
  2. cham2020

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    Proton Savvy
    A nimble car in Malaysia. Controversial design. Toughest in it's class and powered by Renault 1.2 engine and AMT gearbox.. Green is hot.. This is the prefacelift version.

    Toyota Vios
    Thai designed Toyota. One of the best selling car in Singapore and Malaysia..

    Evo 3
    I designed this because that time I wanted an Evo 3 badly in my display case and I can't find any nice Evo 3 models ...

    2 Fast 2 Furious Evo VII
    I really wanted to have the diecast 1/18 by Ebbro. But seems we can't get it in Malaysia so....I did this to satisfy myself....
  3. Amazyah

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    Wow, you certainly are a busy builder!
    You have a whole slew of nice cars!

    Nice work, designing and building!

  4. cham2020

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    thanks amazyah

    would you help me to delete my double posting?
    thanks in advance
  5. Amazyah

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    Sure thing.
    No problem.
    Looks like you already took care of it though.

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    Don't mind??? I won't speak for everyone, but I don't mind the simplicity at all. Models like yours are what get people into the hobby.

    Great job!!
  8. Clashster

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    Nice job! Simple or not, they look great! Nice lines and clean build! Keep 'em coming!

  9. cgutzmer

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    Yes, very clean and well designed - I like em!
  10. cham2020

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    Thanks guys
    Glad you all like it..
    due to my human error... the Toyota Vios seems to have aerror on the lamps and the fitment... But those are my earlier models.. I have tons of paper models build up and many in my pc..most are my customized models

    I will post whenever I am free... and share the templates also...
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    hye champ 2020.. i really like it about malaysian car model etc;proton saga,saga iswara,fiore,waja cant u sent all papercraft malysian car model at my email?? DO NOT POST E_MAIL ADDRESS!! please i hope so....:)nice too meet u brother..

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