My Papercraft Cars Part 2

Discussion in 'Commercial & Civilian Vehicles' started by cham2020, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. cham2020

    cham2020 New Member

    These are builds about a year back..enjoy

    Daihatsu Move
    Basically this is my mum's car but under a different badge (Perodua Kenari). it's a Japanese Kei Car. I printed it from the Daihatsu website. The size is about 8 cm long.

    Evo V and Evo VI Rally
    I love Mitsu Evo's. I got this from an Australian Mitsubishi model collector website. Printed size is about 8 cm long.

    Evo V Rally
    I forget where I get this papercraft already but it is a very easy build. The size is about 15 cm long..

    Evo V Street X2

    I modified it from the Evo V Rally that I obtained from the net. Size is about 10 cm long.

    Evo VI
    Got this from art66 website. The color faded because I put inside my car to be display and it was under sunlight. Size is about 6cm long.

    Kia Spectra
    I did this for my friend to replicated his real life car. The size is about 15 cm long also.

    Toyota Treuno AE86
    Got it from a website that I can't remember. There is a variation of the red color and retractable headlights. I wan a simple build so I just did a simple version of it. Size is about 17 cm long.

    Toyota Treuno and Levin AE86
    Always wanted to do cute models of cars. Got it from AE86 website. Size is about 8 cm long.

    Datsun 510

    This one is realistic and simple to build. I can't remember where I got it but it's from some free website. Size is 10 cm long.

    Proton Saga Iswara
    This is modified from a base. It's my real car but not that color. Size about 7 cm long.

    Proton Iswara Aeroback

    It has the same base as Proton Saga Iswara above. Size is about 7cm long too.
  2. azraf_othman

    azraf_othman New Member

    hi cham,

    i guess u r from malaysia too...

    do you want to share the files? i would like to have malaysian cars in my collections too.. thanks!
  3. cham2020

    cham2020 New Member

    i will scare them with you.
    i will post it here later
  4. cham2020

    cham2020 New Member

    been really so boring so i decided to build some more!

    Mitsubishi Lancer GSR

    Mitsubishi Starion

    My Fren Proton Satria (Mitsu Mirage)

    Proton Saga Iswara (Mitsu Fiore) Transformers Tribute

    Proton Putra (Mirage Asti)

    Proton Satria Gti(Mirage)

    Proton Saga Iswara (Lancer Fiore)

    azraf, Pm me for those paper models
  5. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    How about a pic of your entire automotive fleet? It must be rather impressive!

    unless of course you have cats that think they are toys.....
  6. scooter31572

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