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Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by Willja67, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. Willja67

    Willja67 Member

    Well folks I know the Super Corsair isn't done yet and don't worry I will finish it I've just decided to start gathering reference materials on the next one. Probably won't take long to guess but what kind of bird is this?


    Anyone know where to get good reference material?

    Yes it will be full size
  2. wyverns4

    wyverns4 Member


    Is it a Golden Eagle?

    I better not let my 11 year old daughter see it...she will want one!

  3. Willja67

    Willja67 Member

    Right in one.

    Obviously not a Golden Eagle but the pose will be something like this
  4. Do you know this one... I've build it a couple of years ago, and it's stil hanging from my sealing....It's big 3ft wingspan..The kit is still available, the series of birds was called 'Birdmobile'

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  5. wyverns4

    wyverns4 Member

    Speaking of building your avatar....

    Speaking of building your avatar....wish I knew how to design a model of mine! An 8" tall Brain on my desk would be too cool!

    That will be a great pose, especially if mounted over a base with a model of its prey about to be snatched up.

    BTW, my folks have a cabin in the mountains here in Colorado, and whenever I take my two Yorkshire Terriers up there with me, my Dad reminds me to keep them close and under supervision, since there are so many hawks and maybe even an eagle around. My little Crissy would make a good meal for one of them!

  6. Willja67

    Willja67 Member

    Yes Billy I have seen that one. I've built the Merlin also from Birdmobile. This pic can be seen in my gallery and it's the reason I want to try my own bird:


    Rick, I love Pinky and the Brain, one of the best cartoons ever done I think. I don't know what kind of artistic talents you have but I would start by drawing front side top and back views of him, or break him down into components (head body etc) and draw the different views of each part and from those generate cross sections. At that point you could either try and get someone else to model him or you could do it yourself using the method described the the thread about the FJ-1 Fury.
  7. rmks2000

    rmks2000 Member


    For reference material, check out woodcarving books. Some of them have quite a lot of drawings of the particular creature from various perspectives.
  8. lizzienewell

    lizzienewell Member

    I'm checking my Guide to Birds of Alaska and hoping that it lives around here. Hard to figure out without knowing were it is.
    Not Osprey or Bald Eagle. Might be Harrier, but I don't think so. Not Sharp-shinned Hawk, not Goshawk. Might be Swainson's hawk. Not Redtail or Rough legged. I don't think it's Golden. Not Kestral. Not Merlin. Peregrine. Looks like Peregrine. The last option is Gyrfalcon. Nope. I'll stick with Peregrine.

    That is a really nice picture. I'm looking forward to seeing your model.

  9. Willja67

    Willja67 Member

    Actually Lizzie it is a Golden Eagle. I'm guessing what threw you was my saying "Obviously not a Golden Eagle but the pose will be something like this"

    I just meant the link wasn't to a pic of a Golden Eagle.

    And thankyou RMKS I never would have thought of looking in Carving books.
  10. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    That will be cool............. saw a couple up in Arkansas just soaring around........majestic came to mind.............

    Since the raptors have been making a come back from the DDT thing, we are getting quite a few Bald Eagles down here in Mississippi, a few Golden and I see Osprey on the lake and river near by the house.

    The hawks and falcons are making a great come back too............ I watch the red-tailed hawks whenever I get a chance...........a couple nest behind the house and take a song bird or two from the back yard........ circle of life thing.........can be cruel, but still fun the watch.

    "fish gotta swim, birds gotta eat!"

    Sign me up for wanting a copy of this one too!

  11. Willja67

    Willja67 Member

    Yeah when my family moved to where we live now there were a lot of redtails out here too then they started disappearing and we thought it was just becasue there were so many houses being built and all their hunting territory was disappearing but there are so many this year you can hardly shake a stick at them, course we have had an explosion in the population of voles gophers and Jackrabbitts but that couldn't have anything to do with it now could it?:twisted:
  12. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    John, the past couple of years, a pair of red-tails have nested in the grand-daddy elms at the house next door. Always a relief when the youngsters finally, but they make a racket. Since I free-range my chickens, I was a bit uneasy when they started nesting that close, but so far haven't lost any of my flock to them. We also have Merlins and Kestrals on a fairly frequent basis, and occasionally play host to Goldens and Bald Eagles when they decide to overnight in my elms during migration. So much for raptor's not being to coexist with humans. Since someone got the bright idea of planting a couple of pairs of red-tails in the big city (Idaho Falls.....hey, you gotta make do with what you got), the explosion of squirrels and pidgeons has come under control....and the hawks have nice, warm chimney pots to help them through the winter. Win-win all the way.
  13. lizzienewell

    lizzienewell Member

    Yep, that threw me off, and the picture of a Golden in the guide book was in flight. I had a good time looking through hawks and eagles. My usual idenfication for Eagles is "Oh it's big" I'm in Alaska so it's not a buzzard. It doesn't have a white head or tail, must be immature bald or else golden.
    If it's hawk-like I have to ask someone else. ;-) I'm an exact birder

  14. Ashrunner

    Ashrunner Member

    The Golden Eagle is a great bird. There is a nesting pair about five miles from here and I see them a lot during the spring. There are a lot of Bald and Golden Eagles in this area. However I assume you will be doing the model of the bird with wings folded. With a wing span of 80-88 inches in full soar, that would be a mighty large model.

    Is the plan to model in a pose similar to this image?:

  15. GT5500

    GT5500 Member

    Is that really a Golden eagle I am convinced that its a Harris Hawk here's a pic of one
  16. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    GT.............Harris is close.............but eyes, over-all size, little bit color difference, and head feathers make the bird a Golden.........

    I get a kick out of all of them............. one of the best stories I have was when fishing one time........... I watched a peregrine falcon go after a dove..... talk about hot pursuit! The dove lost.............but not until after a very valiant attempt. The place I was fishing was a relief channel in front of a it was very long and with trees behind it and a grtass field leading up to the dam........ I had a front row seat for the entire flight......

  17. Willja67

    Willja67 Member

    No Ash I want to have it with the wings up and back, head down and legs extended forward like it's just about to snag it's latest meal. Another reason is that although I want the wings spread having them spread out all the way would be a bit big (about 7 feet).
  18. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    I think if you would do a full spread of the wings, makes the Eagle qualify for a LARGE model.

    I'd build it

  19. Ashrunner

    Ashrunner Member


    I know the pose you want to do very well. One day out fishing here, I decided to get out of the sun and sit in the shade of a Juniper tree near the reservior I was fishing. So I walked over to the bushiest one, sat down and leaned against the trunk.

    Right about the time I got comfortable, I felt something hit the top of my head (luckily I was wearing a hat). I reached up and felt something wet on the hat and instinctively looked up to see what was causing wet stuff to drop on me.

    To my surprize I found a female Golden Eagle looking straight down at me from about four feet away. We stared at each other for a few seconds and then she raised her wings and leapt out of the tree. As soon as she cleared the tree, the wings spread full and with a powerful flap, she was gone. My hat flew off my head at the time.

    When I picked it up, I found out what the wetness was all about. Yes...she relieved herself on me. 8v) But I'll never forget the sight of her just as began her leap from the tree. I believe it was exactly way you want to model the bird. Similar to this image: eagle.jpg

  20. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Boy Ash............. ain't too many men been pooped on by an eagle and lived to tell about it!:grin:

    I dang near got my car pooped on by a blue herring............ scared it as it cleared a dam next to a road I was on.......... I made that car do everything but rear-up to miss that big string of stuff..........just waxed it too.

    I still want to be on the list..............I don't care how big it turns out to be!

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