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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by nolink5750, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. nolink5750

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    I bought a lot "5 cars" from e-bay. Three of them are Atlas Illuminated passinger cars, and 2 are another brand. But I'm not sure if them 2 are Illuminated. The probem is only one of them lights up and that is only now and then and it seems to be in certain parts of the track. Like on a corner or maybe a rerailer just every now and then. Do I just need to clean the contact area or is the something I need to take a part to diognose a problem.
  2. shelbys_dad

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    It's possible that the contact is only making contact when the center of gravity changes (ex. going around corners). You may want to remove the "body" of the car and check all connections. Of coarse cleaning the track may help as well. Just my $.02
  3. MCL_RDG

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    "What we have here is a failure to...

    ...illuminate". As the line from the movie goes.

    Well, I am not going to offer any fixes, I just wanted to use that line. Thanks for the opportunity and good luck lighting up your life.

  4. Herc Driver

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    "...shakin' it here boss..." (another good Cool Hand Luke line.)

    You might also want to use a small piece of sand paper and clean the contact points...unless you know those cars are pretty new, there's a chance the metal has just enough oxidization preventing good contact throughout the cars travel.
  5. nolink5750

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    ok, this is cool. I thought these were sealed units. I just realized that the top comes off. The number on the boxes are 2661, 2662 and 2664. I never been inside one of these. looks like there is a metal bar that connects to each set of wheels and then there are these white pieces connecting the bars together. Then the light is in the center of the bars. I think I see how this is suppose to work now. I think the white pieces are some kind of insulators. I have cleaned the contacts and I now have one working ok. The other one I believe the bulb must be bad. And then the 3rd one does not have a contact piece on one of the wheels. I wonder if they sell replacement parts or maybe I could make one somehow?
  6. 60103

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    You can check the light by touching leads to the screws that hold the trucks on.
    The white pieces are insulators that hold the metal strips close together but apart.
    I don't know about new contacts -- they've been around since I was in N, so there should be spares out there. You could make them from a piece of springy metal.

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