My newest train for my layout!

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Spawn of Chaos, Feb 11, 2007.

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    loll one guy at a hobby shop tried to sell me a Pennsy DD40. i didn't want to make the guy look bad, but he was going into this huge story about how they pulled trains across moutains.

    he must have thought i was a noob or something, lol.
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  3. Uhm...yes. That's an 18" radius.

    Strange thing is, I have set up a simple circle and the Big Boy can't handle it! 18" radius again.

    Oh, the Empire Builder arrived yesterday. I took it to my local train shop and ran it on their layout; it looks absolutely stunning even without a dome car or diner. I also bought a set of eight UP IHC Pullman's and ran those with the Big Boy; beautiful! Then, just to get a feel for the total size of the shortest prototypical Empire Builder, I slapped the UP cars on the back of the EB cars (minus the EB observation). Ran like a dream!

    I have one of each car in UP and six out of eight kinds of cars in EB.

    I found another DD40 on Ebay; this time it looks more like Deano's DD40 than the other one I already bought.

    However, if I decide to bid on this one it will be my last for a while; I need to save my money!

    Yeah, whoever said I'm a "UP collector" is half right. I collect UP and Empire Builder stuff.


    Oh, Deano, just noticed in your sig that you're a member of the UP Historical does one go about joining?
  4. I'm in a good mood again, the Athearn DD40AX (aka DD35A) arrived today!

    Sorry about the slightly blurry pics, my camera was being stupid.

    General side view:

    Front view:

    Back view:

    Top-down view:

    Bottom view:

    Compared to Big Boy for size:
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    That thing has the same front as my Athearn SDP40/SD45. No wonder why I was told you could kit bash there DD35 into another SD45.:D lol
    BTW thats a cool Big Boy, and your DD35.
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    Spawn of Chaos, that model you bought looks great, also one last note about the DD35 and DD40 is that the DD35 is slightly shorter than the DD40.

    P.S. do you play Warhammer?
  7. Woot, thanks for the compliments everyone! The Big Boy's a Rivarossi, custom detailed and weathered by the last owner.

    Whoo, posting from WII ftw!

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