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Discussion in 'Dioramas & Displays' started by lalo, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. lalo

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    ...:wave:Greetings to all colleagues of this forum. I just want to announce that my website, 'I have edited, expanded and renovated.

    Cheers again ..............:mrgreen:....... Jorge.​
  2. silveroxide

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    When can we expect it to go active?
  3. GitaByte

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    Bump! Yes Indeed - Looks like it will be fun!
  4. lalo

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    ... :twisted: ... "There it is. .... Okay ...?" :thumb:
  5. nitsan46

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    Is this a "nazi " website

    SOME ONE SAID FUNNNNNN?:curse::curse::curse::curse::curse:

    IS THIS A "NAZI " WEBSITE? :curse::curse::curse::curse::curse::curse::curse::curse::curse::curse::curse::curse::curse:

  6. lalo

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    ...announce1 I am not what I believe you're interested. The story is: history. Like it or not.
    In history, many rulers have committed cymene. What to do its inhabitants is to forgive himself, as did almost all nations. And overcome their guilt complex.
    Do you, a Jew or German?. Although it could be from any country, because what interests him is to believe what he feeds.
    Do Americans, almost externinan the Indians? Perhaps the Spanish like me, enslaved the Native Americans? Perhaps Isrrael state, has no incompatibility with its neighbors vital? Did Napoleon Bonaparte wanted to expand the ideas of the Enlightenment plundering Europe?
    nitsan46 ... As you go from "anonymous" if you're German, learn to resolve your guilt complex. As we have done all. And if you are Hebrew, look at the navel. And history agrees. Because you're still with me a geek.
    --------------- Jorge. :cry: ---------------------
  7. ekuth

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    I will allow the two previous posts to stand for the following reasons:

    1. Nitsan46 has a valid point. Websites that show Nazi imagery are going to be controvertial. Many are offended by that imagery, still.

    2. Lalo also makes valid points. Imagery is just that. Lalo is not supporting the Nazi's by building models or dioramas of the time period. No more than someone building a model of the Hindenburg is supporting Nazism.

    I have looked at Lalo's site and found nothing offensive there. What I have found is a lot of very talented model work, and I wholeheartedly endorse that, and his sharing of his work.

    Now, that said, that will be the end of this particular discussion:

    You have both made your points; please let it rest. Further discussion of this matter by either or more members will (regrettably) result in this thread being locked.

    Thank you for your attention.
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