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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by shamus, Apr 19, 2005.

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    Always the best Shamus.
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    shamus this is the best work i've seen =-o!! i have some questions for you if you dont mind anwsering. what track do you us and what scale? is it handlaied? also is it avalible in HO if you dont model in HO? thank you.

  3. shamus

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    Thanks again folks.
    Why not checkout my 0n30 layout by clicking on the logo below.

    Track is Peco 0-16.5 made for Narrow gauge railroads, my layout is 0n30. Don't know if Peco have done a Narrow gauge trackwork for H0 yet.

  4. shortliner

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    Shamus - didn't it used to be called "OO9 Crazy Track"? 4mm/3.5mm Scale on 9mm track?
    Shortliner(Jack) away up here in the Highlands:cool:
  5. shamus

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    Hi Jack,

    No, this isn't Crazy track, that was for 9mm narrow gauge stuff, this is 0-16.5 for 0n30 and is the same track width as H0 but the sleepers (Ties) are wider.

  6. shortliner

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    :oops: Sorry, Joe Idiot has got hold of the wrong end of the mucky stick again!
    Shortliner(Jack) away up here in the Highlands

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