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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by eatst14, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. eatst14

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    Hey everyone,

    Well its time for me to start over, I ripped off all the old track yesterday, and tore the layout down to the subroadbed (pink board). I have 32" x48" to work with, and I have a fascia lip around the benchwork to prevent trains from falling to the ground as the track plan I have devised has track that runs fairly close to the edge.

    My objectives are:
    1. Provide lots of switching for car lengths of 40ft to 60ft.
    2. I have alot of tankers, so atleast one industry must take tankers.
    3. Small stub yard
    4. The yard will double as an interchange
    5. Would like stagging but have decided to sacrifice stagging for now in lue of other wants. The Stub lead on teh upper right corner can eventually be extended to a stagging yard
    6. Mainline min radi of 11inch
    7. Avoid trackage and scenery that run parallel to the front.


    SouthWestern Pa, 1980-85 conrail, Privately owned shortline.


    East Greensburg RR

    As you can see from the pic, the Red buildings are industries, the Blue are comercial/residential, and the greenish building is a train station which will be modelled after the old Pennsy Train station in Youngwood, Pa which now serves as a musuem.

    I need criticisim. BAD UGLY CRITICISM IS VERY WELCOMED!! I appreciate how kind everyone is on this forum, but what I need are geniuine opinons. If you see a flaw, point it out. That said, if you really like it, please say so too.

    Where eveything is now, all switches are within easy reach from one of three sides. The back of the layout will be againist a wall.

    Questions? Comments?

    Thanks everyone, I know I can count on you here.


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  2. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    Welcome to the club where most of us have torn down old layouts and rebuilt them for some reason or the other.
    That is an interesting trackplan you have there Ed. Lots of switching opportunities. You have done your homework so this layout should give you many hours of enjoyment as it appears to support your goals.
  3. ddavidv

    ddavidv Member

    What's not to like? :) I think you've packed a lot of use into that space without it being cluttered. Nice job! :thumb:
  4. hemiadda2d

    hemiadda2d Member

    You already broke rule #7......
    But a very nice plan, indeed!
  5. eatst14

    eatst14 Member

    Thanks guys for your encouragement!!! I started laying some track and will be taking pictures and posting them within the week. The track that I laid was only to test the design first, hopefully I wont find any significant problems with it.

    One question Hemiadda2d... What is rule #7?

  6. billk

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    Ed - What's the stub I marked in magenta going to be used for?
  7. eatst14

    eatst14 Member


    Basically its an extra track used to store loads out, or whatever.... It was not part of my original design, but thinking it through I decided it would be a pain to have to constantly switch out its parallel track to get to the diverging track. So im sure your going to ask why then dont I use a cross over? I dont like them, and I think that on a small layout they are unprototypical.

    The second use for that track you highlighted, is that I tend to run mostly larger equipment, 50ft and up cars. As such one day I may need to spot 5 large cars here or there, and may need the extra track, as exra room.

    There is a third option im considering, using the space between the mainline and teh spur in question as a junk yard for scrap metal. There is a prototype for this here in Greensburg, and I have alot of 50 and 60ft gons that I could use. Originally this space was reserved for a stream/run-off aqueduct that would run from the north west corner, through teh space in question, under the switches, behind the heavy manchine plant, and out on the easter side of the layout.

    Ive decided on what industries will be where, and here is a pic showing basically whats what.

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  8. billk

    billk Active Member

    Ed -
    The reason I asked is that, assuming you run counter clockwise, all of the spurs are "trailing" except for the two by the Glass Plant. The lower of the two could be used to get to the Heavy Machinery place, but it looks like it would be difficult to spot cars at the Glass Plant.
  9. hemiadda2d

    hemiadda2d Member

    That's rule 7, straight outta your 'Given's & Druthers'.
  10. eatst14

    eatst14 Member


    I dont think I really have that much track parallel to the front, I mean its not reasonable to completely do without it, in some spots it actually makes sense.


    Good point. Well thats why I asked the forum to get suggestions and to point out flaws. Glad I did! I really like the way I have the city scene designed, I actually designed the city first and fit the track to that. So keeping with the general shape of the city do u have a suggestion as to how I could fix this?

    Thanks guys!


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